Celebrate Vermillion

To the editor:

Area residents and families are invited to plan now to attend the annual Celebrate Vermillion New Year's Eve festivities at the DakotaDome on Monday, Dec. 31 from 7:30 p.m. to midnight.

This event provides a smoke- and alcohol-free environment with activities for toddlers through senior citizens to enjoy. Admission is $3 per person and includes all activities for the entire evening. Very reasonably priced concessions will also be available for purchase.

More information can be found on the Web site at www.usd.edu/events/celebratevermillion.cfm.

We hope you will join us as we welcome 2008.

Dan Christopherson,

Mayor of Vermillion

Help by donating

To the editor:

It has been eight years since my husband died from a blood clot following bypass surgery. The doctor had said, "Your lungs are good, your heart is strong and you are a fine physical specimen. You'll have a long, healthy life." It was not to be. When they asked about saving his eyes, I could hardly grasp the idea. Since time was of the essence, the decision had to be made quickly. After talking it over with the family, we decided to donate.

The next day a doctor called to tell me that the eyes were healthy and thanked me for the gift. Later we learned that one had been used in Rapid City and one overseas. It is a real joy to know that those eyes which shone with so much love for life and family are helping others enjoy those same things!

I can only imagine how difficult it is to live without good sight, and sad, too, when the technology is there to help if we will donate. I don't know how it all works, but I know that the results are a blessing to many.

God bless,

Patricia Duca

Sundance, WY

Hyperion Proponents – please consider!

To the editor:

  • No such thing as "green" – Hyperion can only try to improve on the very negative issues of air, land and water pollution.
  • Price of fuel – won't be affected in our area.
  • Jobs – 4,500 construction workers and 1,800 refinery employees require experience; therefore, they'll all be moving in from other parts of the U.S.
  • Toxic waste (tons) – buried at plant site and hauled via truck could require a total of 72 trucks per hour, 24 hours per day, seven days per week – and we think harvest time is bad!
  • Transportation required – railroad tracks, good highways for heavy volume of trucks and cars, and pipelines leading into and out of facility.
  • Increased law enforcement, health care, fire department, schools.
  • Coal-fired power plant and numerous chemical companies located in proximity.
  • Water – 12 million gallons per day from Missouri River and underground aquifer; some will be recycled.
  • Nearly 50 households will be directly affected and numerous others just outside the paw print – no one will want to live close to facility! This is in a community that cares!
  • Brule Creek Church and three cemeteries are in designated area and St. Paul Church and two cemeteries are located just outside designated area.
  • We'll be considered another Gary, IN – losing our ranking as one of the best counties in the U.S. to live in.
  • Many health issues could result.
  • Vermillion, Elk Point and Sioux City areas will be affected.

    This is information that isn't forthcoming from the media and Hyperion.

    Gerald B. Hanson

    Elk Point

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