Refinery zoning is topic of Jan. 16 hearing

Refinery zoning is topic of Jan. 16 hearing
A tentative public hearing to discuss Hyperion's re-zoning application has been scheduled before the Union County Planning and Zoning Commission.

The meeting, to be held Jan. 16, 2008 in the Elk Point school building, will begin at 7 p.m.

Save Union County has also hired Sioux Falls attorney James Abourezk.

In a lengthy letter that includes 20 questions to the zoning commission, Abourezk asks for replies to those inquiries.

Cable's letter notes that his organization has sent comments regarding a rezoning application submitted Dec. 6 by Hyperion to the zoning commission.

"To date we have received no response," Cable states in the letter, dated Dec. 18, "and would hereby request such on an item-by item basis at your earliest convenience so that the residents of the county can fully understand your position. We still hope that after carefully considering the content and format of Hyperion's current application, you will reject their application without further processing, as it is both incomplete and inaccurate!"

The letter also states that Save Union County believes the zoning commission should indicate to the public the intentions of the application as you understand them and a possible scenario of how such a complicated project will be considered.

"We believe that the most appropriate process is to first consider if it is consistent with the current Comprehensive Plan," Cable states. "If it is, then outline the procedure to be followed and if it is not, as we believe, then first outline an appropriate time and procedure to consider the proposed Comprehensive Plan changes before the rezoning request is

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According to Save Union County, "It is not unreasonable to think that since this is the largest private development project in the United States, we should be deliberate and complete in our review process, making sure the public has all the necessary information before making a decision that could forever change our high quality of life!" Cable said.

He also noted that the commission should realize that Hyperion is "really trying to usurp your powers by requesting that the plan be 'flexible' and have the ability to change as well as grow without your future or subsequent review and approval, thus deleting any public review and approval.

"We want to be assured that our county officials are doing whatever is required and/or appropriate to protect the residents and future of Union County," Cable states.

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