Senior prescription drug enrollment period ends Dec. 31

Senior prescription drug enrollment period ends Dec. 31
The end of the enrollment period for seniors to change their prescription drug insurance carrier or their medigap policy carrier is Dec. 31.

There are new companies serving South Dakota and many premiums, formularies and deductibles have been changed. It is very possible to save significant amounts of money and get the same service.

There are three ways to compare plans. The first is to go online to and follow the clear and easy instructions. The second is to ask a pharmacist to run a comparison. The third is to consult a Shiine volunteer.

Shiine stands for Senior Health Information and Insurance Education. This organization is funded by the federal government to help people to make these cost comparisons. It does not represent any insurance carriers.

A Shiine volunteer is available at the Senior Citizens Center Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and most afternoons by appointment. Call the Senior Citizens Center at 624-8072.

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