Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1897 continued

Some miscreants have been in the habit of pestering an old lady by the name of Nelson living on Cod Fish Hill and have thrown stones at her and her house. Monday evening the malefactors began operation and the woman ran to a neighbor's for help and advice. As she was returning a stone was thrown striking her upon the head and injuring her considerably. Who the parties are that persist in tormenting an inoffensive woman is not entirely a secret. The house bears marks of contract with heavy missiles, one rock having been hurled through a screen and glass and the plastering of the wall opposite.

The Meckling creamery was completed and the first lot of milk turned into butter last Monday. The people of that city expect considerable revenue from their enterprise, and will materially help the farmers who lost nearly all their crops in the spring to the hailstorm.

See the variety of cookies at cakes at Hayne's bakery. These good as well as our bread, buns and pies, we guarantee to be clean and up to date.

A.A. Bron, a poor old soldier from Knox county, Neb., going to the soldiers' home at Marshalltown, IA., had a jack rabbit, two squirrels, a crow and a monkey-faced eagle, (barn owl) on exhibition off Main Street Wednesday. He charged five cents per head to see this wonderful aggregation, promising to refund money to all who were not satisfied with the show. After looking at the veteran and hearing his story, the spectators generally considered the money well spent.

South Bend people are petitioning the Commissioners to lay a road around section 34 to shorten the distance to Burbank for them. Heirs to the Cusick estate and other interested property holders are fighting it.

W.C.T.U. Annual Convention was held at the Congregational Church on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Convention was not as well attended, as it should have been. These are to inspire and bring the workers together making them truly feel that they are one in the great effort to uplift the home.

The City Council met in regular session last Monday night. Little business was done. The bicycle ordinance was read the second time and amended so that section making bells on the wheels compulsory was stricken out. The road matter was gone over and in accordance to recommendations; steps will be taken to complete the route, if necessary by condemnation proceedings.

The city fathers have concluded to put city water into the city jail. Arrangements will be made to use the University sewer, and the washbasin will be connected. This is a sanitary arrangement that has been much needed.

For the first time in the history of the institution, the University has more boys than girls in attendance.

Glorious weather accounts for very good crowds at the fair. Visitors commented that the fair was as good as going to a circus.

If anyone feels like finding fault with the school display, let them volunteer to work as one of the committee next school day.

When you want more goods for your money and a better quality than anyone else will give you, you can always rely on the old stand LEE & PRENTIS. See our low prices – 17lbs sugar, $1.00; 10 bars Beat'M Soap; 25 cents; three pound can California apricots, 10 cents; two pound can Crown Monarch Salmon, 25 cents.

Miss Genevieve Blair lost control of her bicycle while coasting down hill and was injured. She collided with a load of hay.

Vermillion is now directly connected with Minneapolis by telephone.

Henry Abel opened a restaurant in the Vincent Building to the east of the Republican office.

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