Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1897 Continued

Against License

A Victory For the "Joint" Keepers and the Prohibitionists.

They Knocked High License Out

"Joint" Keepers and the W. C. T. U. Joined Issue to Beat the Respectability of Law and Order – Talk of a Wholesale Liquor House Being Established Here

Vermillion held her annual spring election last Tuesday. The bone of contention was "Shall Intoxicating Liquors be Sold at Retail"? The negative carried by a majority of 41. This is more of a victory for the holes-in-the-wall than for the morality-loving prohibitionists. The hole-in-the wall element went into ecstasies over the result and unwittingly permitted their enthusiasm to slip over. Several of the more indiscreet members of that fraternity were heard to remark, "we fixed high license that time!"

The vote of Tuesday does not decide the liquor question in full. It simply decides the fate of the RETAIL traffic of liquor. No provision has been made against the WHOLESALE traffic of it, and in consequence of this fact, it is rumored that a Sioux Falls firm contemplates establishing a wholesale liquor house in this city. It will be well for the anti-liquor men and women of Vermillion to take a more liberal view of this question than heretofore – weight it in all its details and view it from all its points. It is evident from the vote taken on last Tuesday's election that the people have as yet not acquainted themselves with the principal points involved in this connection and it will require an unlimited amount of said experience as to the proper solution of the matter.

Vermillion is one of but three towns in the state that has had the hardihood to vote against license. Can it be that these three towns are right and the rest of the state is wrong?

The bicycle riders of Vermillion are taking more privileges than riders of any other city in the state and more than the law allows. Frequently a pedestrian is whistled to one side to let the rider go by. It is against the law to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk. The ladies are the worst transgressors and should be punished as well as the men. Now ye transgressors please take this gentle hint unto yourselves and guard against trouble.

There is just as much whiskey being sold in this town now as there ever was and it doesn't pay a cent of revenue. This condition is due to the sense of moral responsibility on the part of the joint keepers who voted with the prohibitionists at the late election.

Our sidewalks are running down and our gutters need to be fixed up with stone. It would be better to make the men who are getting the profits from whiskey sales to work it out than to compel some poor inebriate to work it out as is being done.

On June 18, 1897, The Fire Boys feel quite jubilant over their new hose cart which arrived last Friday. It is a fine piece of machinery, well equipped with all modern improvements. It is also furnished with 300 feet of new hose. The boys have been using the new cart for practicing.

Fifteen Hundred dollars have already been subscribed towards putting in a creamery.

It's too bad that Vermillion did not get up a celebration of Independence Day this year. It would keep lots of dollars at home.

The creamery meeting last evening was very poorly attended. It is evident that the farmers of this section think they have creameries enough.

House to rent: $5.00 per month – contact the Clay County Bank.

S. E. Brookman has completed his work on the electric light plant for the Agricultural College and is now at work putting in a new boiler at the University, having secured that contract against the competition of a large number of outside bidders.

A knobby picture of the ex-soldiers is being gotten up by Michel the Photographer. All the veterans are invited to go to his gallery and have their pictures taken free of charge.

Contractor T. A. Christy finished the Air Line Bridge yesterday and it is now in first class shape. It is much higher than the old one, and the piles are driven into the riverbed more substantially. The high water of last spring must have dug out several feet of dirt under the bridge for there is over 20 feet of water of water where it used to be so shallow that a boat would hardly slide over the mud. Mr. Christy also put in the Lee and Prentis bridge a short time ago.

The fire boys, to the number of twenty, left on the noon train Tuesday to Madison. They have quite a running team this year and ought to bring some "Kodos" back with them. One thing that deteriorates from their appearance is not having uniforms alike.

The County Commissioners will meet again on the 2nd of August. They have met every month this year and will probably have work enough to justify a meeting every month the remainder of 1897. We noted in late proceedings that the County Commissioners are drawing pay for bridgework. This is not the contemplation of the law, in fact it is against the law? Will it continue?

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