Sheriff investigates shootings

Sheriff investigates shootings
On Tuesday Nov. 20, the Clay County Sheriff's Office received a report of a vehicle parked at a residence on Liberty Road near the Clay County Park area receiving damage from a rifle round.

The bullet shattered the rear window of the vehicle and cracked the front windshield where it had become lodged and was recovered. Investigation showed the bullet came from a wooded area near the residence. There were tree stands found in the area where the bullet originated and information was obtained about several hunters who had been hunting in the area.

On Friday, Nov. 30, the sheriff's office received a report of a small airplane parked near a residence on River Drive near the Highlines boat landing also being shot by a rifle round. In this case, the bullet penetrated the engine compartment of the airplane.

Investigation into both events is continuing with the assistance of the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks.

"At this time, we have not ruled out the possibility that these rounds were deliberately fired at the vehicles. It is also quite likely that they were stray rounds missing their intended target during deer hunting season" said Sheriff Andy Howe. "Still, even if the damage is accidental, we are very concerned about such carelessness since both incidents happened at occupied residences. Hunters need to be aware of what is downrange of their target at all times."

The public's assistance is requested. If anyone has information regarding these shooting instances, they should contact the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

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