Vermillion Tanager wrestling competes at Lennox Triangular

Vermillion Tanager wrestling competes at Lennox Triangular
It's great to have the Vermillion Tanagers back on the wrestling mat, said coach Casey O'Connor. We are returning a majority of our lineup from last season. Seniors Tony Hubert, Luke Heine and Thomas Mollet all went 2-0 on the night. Additional wrestlers that went undefeated on the night were freshman Lance Burkhart and sophomores Tanner and Nick Mart.

For an opening night, we had the typical first-night jitters, but came out wrestling more aggressively against Lennox. Tonight was a good indication for our team that there is much work t be done before the end of February. We are looking forward to the Sioux Falls Roosevelt Invitational on Saturday.

Key: WBF – won by fall; LBF – lost by fall; TF – technical fall; WD – won by decision; WMD – won by major decision; WF – won by forfeit.

Participating teams:

Brandon Valley, Lennox and Vermillion.

Varsity results: Vermillion – 45; Brandon Valley – 26.

103 – Morgan Engbrecht (BV), WF; 112 – Lance Burkhart (VER), WBF over Noah Halma (BV) in 2:59; 119 – Earl Kiertzner (VER) WBF over Steven Schmidt (BV) in 2:53; 125 – Cody Miller (BV) TF over JR Moore (VER), 19-2; 130 – Tony Hubert (VER) WBF over Andrew Amundson (BV) in 1:40; 135 – Greg Dougherty (BV) WD over Brad Orr (VER), 6-3; 140 – Tanner Lunstra (BV) WD over Jeff Anglin (VER) 12-7; 145 – Andrew Eidem (VER) WD over Jarod Ruud (BV), 7-6; 152 – Tanner Mart (VER) WBF over Danny Larson (BV) in 2:48; 160 – Chris Ode (BV) WBF over Chris Mart (VER) in 4:55; 171 – Luke Heine (VER) WBF over Sam Seydel (BV) in 0:36; 189 – Nick Mart (VER) WBF over Michael Shoemaler (BV) in 1:10; 215 – Nate Neuberger (BV) WD over Gerrit Heine (VER), 11-9; 285 – Thomas Mollet (VER) WF.

Junior varsity results: 103 – Josh Miller (BV) WBF over Joey Mueller (VER) in 0:48; 119 – Ryan Angerhoffer (BV) WBF over Tony Henderson (VER) in 3:01; 140 – James Burkman (BV) WBF over Ethan Druin (VER) in 1:34; 145 – Dan Rumsdahl (BV) WD over Carson Sullivan (VER), 8-7; 160 – Casey Uecker (BV) WMD over Jordan Moos (VER), 14-3; 189 – Garret Bratland (BV) WBF over Chase Allen (VER) in 1:30; 285 – Jake Knutson (VER) WBF over Aaron Jones (BV) in 1:20.

Varsity results: Vermillion – 54; Lennox – 21.

103 – Michael Mazourek (LEN) WFW; 112 – Lance Burkhart (VER) WBF on Isaac Lukes (VER) in 3:59; 119 – Zach Lukes (LEN) WD over Earl Kiertzner (VER), 4-5; 125 – JR Moore (VER) WF; 130 – Tony Hubert (VER) WBF over Tracy Halouska (LEN) in 1:06; 135 – Brad Orr (VER) WF; 140 – Jeff Anglin (VER) WD over DJ Steever (LEN), 8-1; 145 Blake Kirchenman (LEN) WBF over Andrew Eidem (VER) in 5:06; 152 – Tanner Mart (VER) WD over Levi Parker (LEN), 9-2; 160 – Chris Mart (VER) WBF over Austin Lynde (LEN) in 1:14; 171 – Luke Heine (VER) WBF over Chase Plucker (LEN) in 2:31; 189 – Nick Mart (VER) WBF over Tyler Laderbek (LEN) in 1:24; 215 – Cody Lynde (LEN) WBF over Gerrit Heine (VER) in 1:58; 285 – Thomas Mollet (VER) won by injury default over Scott Houtkooper (LEN).

Junior varsity results: EX. – Derek Fisher (LEN) WD over Jordan Moos (VER), 6-5; EX. – Joe Ensminger (VER) WBF over Jordan Clary (LEN) in 1:40; EX. – Mark Jacobson (LEN) WBF over Tony Henderson (VER) in 1:26; EX. – Andrew McCann (VER) WBF over Eric Frazeul (LEN) in 0:39; EX. – Dexter Mehlhaf (VER) WBF over Derek Fischer (LEN) in 1:00; EX. – Jake Knutson (VER) WBF over Jordan Clary (LEN) in 0:44; EX. – Derek Fischer (LEN) WBF over Carson Sullivan (VER) in 3:07.

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