Boots surpasses 1,000 pts., seals win

Boots surpasses 1,000 pts., seals win
Jordan Boots made history and helped his team to victory with a single shot.

Boots hit a three-pointer with four seconds left on the clock to score 1,000 career points and help the Tanagers defeat a scrappy varsity Elk Point-Jefferson team 56-55 in boys' basketball Jan. 15 at home.

VHS had trailed by one after the third quarter.

"I'm very proud of Jordan's accomplishments," said VHS coach Jason Huska of the clinching moment. "You couldn't plan it out any better. Hitting the game winner and scoring your 1,000th career point on that make! Wow!"

The Tanagers fell behind 15-11 after the opening period, the game was knotted 25-25 after the second quarter, and the Tanagers trailed 41-40 going into the final period.

The Tanagers heated things up from three-point range, hitting 6 of 12 from long distance.

"This was a great win for our kids," said Coach Huska. "We have played a lot of road games and this was a good home win. At times, we didn't play good basketball, and EPJ, as a good team, took advantage of those moments. But we hung in there, making some shots down the stretch."

VHS improved its season mark to 4-5, while EPJ fell to 7-4.

VHS made 16 of 23 free throw attempts. The Tanagers hit 17 of 28 from the field, while EPJ was 19 of 39 from the field. The Huskies connected on 13 of 19 from the line.

The Tanagers had several important contributors in the close win.

"Jordan will be the first to thank his teammates, and I'm very happy for him and his team," coach Huska said.

Individual Stats, VHS: Scoring � Jordan Boots, 21, Mikal Ustad, 13, Jerrod Freidel, 11, Broc Gauer, 6, Alex Schaack, 5. Rebounds � Ustad, 6, Gauer, 5, Schaack, 5. Assists � Schaack, 4. Steals � Ustad, 1, Gauer, 2.

Individual Stats, EPJ: Scoring � Josh Gross, 17, Michael Strassburg, 13, John Frankle, 10, Luke Frankle, 10, Bo Brunsma, 3, Ben Staum, 2. Rebounds � Gross, 5, Strassburg, 5. Assists � Collin Viereck, 2. Steals � Strassburg, 4.

Team rebounds: VHS-24, EPJ-23. Team fouls: VHS-17, EPJ-19.

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