Clay County 4-H recognition event was held

Clay County 4-H recognition event was held
4-H Friends, members and leaders were recognized at the annual Clay County 4-H Recognition Event on Sunday, Nov. 18 at the 4-H Center in Vermillion.

The Clay County 4-H Leaders Association recognized six individuals for their support and cooperation to the Clay County 4-H Program. Receiving Friends of 4-H awards were Beverly Kennedy, Julie Fallan, Ron Thaden, Leo Powell and Greg Nelson. The Meritorious Service Award was presented to Doris Heine.

4-H Alumni Awards were awarded to Cheryl Jensen Havermann, Randy Huot, Will Kennedy, Jennifer Madsen Law and Don Lindstrom.

Leader Awards were presented to first-year leaders Krystal Clark, Randy Huot, Al Miiller, Stacy Peterson and Chris Savey. Clover Awards were presented to Julie Fallan for five years of leadership, Scott Jepsen for 10 years of leadership, Joan Miller for fifteen years of leadership and to Chuck and Nadeen Peterson, each for 20 years of leadership.

First-year member pins were awarded to Ashley Cooper, Seth Huot, Dalton Brandt, Randy LaMie, Rachel Dvorak, Kathie Herrerra, Jessie Lovett, Natasha Mairose, Kayla Stammer, Sharrie Stammer, Alexa Mockler, Megan Vlasman, Stephanie LaFleur, Joshua Opel, Sydney Furry, Matt Ouellette, Ethan Gullikson, Shelby Jensen, Alexis Logue and Andrea Sokolowski.

Members presented with second-year awards were Kevin Huot, Nick O'Connell, Breanna Swee, Tanner Clark, Hannah Doohen, Brittany Hanson, Jackie Hulse, Carrie Kickland, Madeline Wagner, Harley Webb, Regan Bye, Erika Fallan, Audry Miiller, Jennifer Jorgensen, Kelly Jorgensen, Sara Nothdurft, Brianna Opitz, Alicia Geuther, Kyleigh Melstad, Taylor Lyso, Lauren Sokolowski and Brian Steffen.

Third-year Clover Patches were awarded to Taylor Gylfe, Reggan Huot, Rozzie LaMie, Morgan Hower, Marley Hanson, Ashley Sorensen, Adam Ahmed, Blaine Bottolfson, Andrew Heine, Seth Heine, Elly Miiller, Abby Ouellette, Ivan Barnett, Cody Geuther and Taylor Lyso.

Six 4-H members were recognized as graduating members. They were Cody Cahoon and John Lindstrom, members of the Clay County Cubs 4-H Club; Autumn Conrad and Natasha Mairose, Dog Club members; Andy Jensen and Amy Girard, members of the Young Producers 4-H Club and Kim LaMie, a Clay County Go Getters 4-H Club member.

4-H Sweepstakes Awards, sponsored by the Clay County Youth Trust Fund and the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association, were presented to the following members: Personal Development – Beginner Marley Hanson, Junior Ellen Hanson, Senior Emily Holoch; Home Economics – Beginner Taylor Lyso, Junior Ellen Hanson, Senior Kelsy Fallan; Agriculture – Beginner Taylor Lyso, Junior Pearl Gaidelis and Senior Andy Jensen.

Shooting Sports Sweepstakes were sponsored by Garfield Township. Members receiving awards were Nick O'Connell for Beginner Archery, Elly Miiller for Junior Archery and Megan Bottolfson for Senior Archery. Beginner BB Gun award recipient was Kevin Huot, Junior BB Gun, Elly Miiller and Senior BB Gun, Megan Bottolfson.

Horse Sweepstakes, sponsored by the Vermillion Saddle Club, was presented to Beginner Andrea Sokolowski, Junior Dana Nelson and Senior Brittany Rederick.

The Outstanding Horse Award, in memory of Joe Millette and sponsored by Margaret Williams and Frank Schieber, was awarded to Courtney Nussbaum.

The Farm Bureau Award for participation in leadership, citizenship and safety was presented to Senior Kelsy Fallan and Junior Ellen Hanson. This award is sponsored by Clay County Farm Bureau.

The Dillon Jolley 4-H Scholarship was awarded to

Kelsy Fallan which will pay her registration fee to Teen Leadership Conference held the first week of June on the SDSU Campus in Brookings.

The Round Robin Award was presented to Harrison Hawley. This award is sponsored by the Meckling Livestock 4-H Club.

The Overall Home Economics award and Overall Personal Development awards were presented to Emily Holoch and Kelsy Fallan. Emily also received the County Achievement Award.

4-H'ers recognized for top sales in the Annual Fruit Sales were Ellen Hanson, Elly Miiller and Taylor Christensen.

The Helping Hands Award, sponsored by the Marshall Lundquist and Cliff Miller Memorial Funds, was presented to Pearl Gaidelis and Brain Steffen.

Best Secretary's Record Book Award was given to Carrie Kickland, a member of the Jolly JJ's 4-H Club sponsored by the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association.

The following 4-H members received High Point Beginner, Junior and Senior judging school participation awards: Beginner FCS – Ashley Sorensen; Junior FCS – Pearl Gaidelis; Senior FCS – Kelsy Fallan; Beginner Visual Arts – Erika Fallan; Junior Visual Arts – Brittany Hanson; Senior Visual Arts – Andy Jensen; Junior Livestock – Taylor Christensen; Senior Livestock – Luke Heine; Beginner Photography – Ashley Sorensen; Junior Photography – Ellen Hanson; Senior Photography – Andy Jensen; Beginner Horticulture – Marley Hanson; Junior Horticulture – Pearl Gaidelis; and Senior Horticulture – Patrick Morrison.

Youth-in-Action awards for individual participation in county contests were awarded to Marley Hanson, Beginner Fashion Revue; Abby Ouellette, Junior Fashion Revue; Ashley Ouellette, Senior Fashion Revue; Alexis Logue, Junior Demonstration; Patrick Morrison, Senior Demonstration; Taylor Geu, Senior Public Speaking; Taylor Lyso, Beginner Special Foods; Pearl Gaidelis, Junior Illustrated Talk and Patrick Morrison, Senior Illustrated Talk. These awards were sponsored by Milton and Virginia Johnson and Four Seasons Fabric.

Team awards were sponsored by Choice Pharmacy, First Bank & Trust, Davis Pharmacy, Willson Florist and Colleen Speakman. Top Ten individuals were Dean Christensen, Junior Livestock; Brittany Hanson, Junior Photography; Marley Hanson, Beginner Visual Arts; Erika Fallan, Beginner FCS; Luke Heine, Senior Livestock; Pearl Gaidelis, Junior Rabbit; Andy Jensen, Senior Visual Arts, Senior FCS, Senior Photography and Senior Rabbit; and Patrick Morrison, Senior Horticulture and Senior Photography. Judging teams placing in the Top Ten were Beginner FCS – Erika Fallan, Marley Hanson, Ashley Sorensen; Senior Visual Arts – Andy Jensen, Patrick Morrison, Kelsy Fallan, Taylor Geu; Senior Horticulture – Patrick Morrison, Andy Jensen, Kelsy Fallan; Junior Photography – Brittany Hanson, Pearl Gaidelis, Ellen Hanson; Senior Photography – Andy Jensen, Patrick Morrison, and Taylor Geu.

The Key Award, the highest award to be received in 4-H, was presented to Emily Holoch, Andy Jensen and Patrick Morrison.

The Outstanding 4-H Club Award, sponsored by Bank of the West, was presented to first-place winner, Jolly JJ's 4-H Club and the second place winner, the Meckling Livestock 4-H Club. The 4-H Promotion award, also sponsored by Bank of the West, was presented to the Jolly JJ's 4-H Club.

The New Member Recruitment Award was presented to the Dog 4-H Club and to the Young Producers 4-H Club.

Rate of Gain Contest sponsors in 2007 were Christensen Family Farms, Chuck and Nadeen Peterson, Heine Swine, Jeff Olson, Poet BioRefining dba Sioux River Ethanol and the Clay County Cubs 4-H Club. Top five in the Beef Division were first place – Samantha Smith; second place – Taylor Christensen; third place – Dean Christensen and fourth and fifth places – Andy Jensen. In the Sheep Division, first through fourth places went to Andy Jensen. Top five in the Swine Division were first place – Andy Peterson; second and third places – Taylor Lyso; fourth place Andy Peterson; and fifth place Chad Peterson.

Project medals were awarded in the following areas to local club members:

  • Beef – Andy Jensen, Patrick Morrison, Samantha Smith.
  • Bread – Patrick Morrison.
  • Dog – Elly Miiller.
  • Electric – Kelsy Fallan.
  • Foods and Nutrition – Ashley Sorensen and Patrick Morrison.
  • Goat – Pearl Gaidelis.
  • Hobbies and Collections – Emily Holoch.
  • Home Environment – Pearl Gaidelis.
  • Horse – Pearl Gaidelis.
  • Horticulture – Patrick Morrison.
  • Poultry – Andy Jensen and Patrick Morrison.
  • Sheep – Pearl Gaidelis.
  • Swine – Andy Jensen and Patrick Morrison.
  • Visual Arts – Marley Hanson and Ashley Sorensen.
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