Clay Rural Water is ‘best tasting’

Clay Rural Water is 'best tasting'

After two rounds of blind taste tests, two different panels of judges have decided that the winner and bragging rights for the title of "Best Tasting Drinking Water in South Dakota" goes to the Clay Rural Water System.

The South Dakota Association of Rural Water Systems announced the results of their seventh annual Taste Test at their 33rd Annual Meeting, Jan. 10, in Pierre. The Clay Rural Water System will represent South Dakota at the National Taste Test held in Washington, DC, April 20 to 23.

The South Dakota Rural Water Annual Technical Conference was held Jan. 8-10, 2008. There were over 400 registered attendees representing South Dakota's rural and municipal water and wastewater systems. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in training sessions on a wide variety of topics ranging from management, emergency response, to operations. The exhibit hall consisted of 73 exhibitors and doubled as the site for the annual legislative reception with a total attendance this year in excess of 600 attendees. This is the largest water and wastewater industry event in South Dakota.

The Clay Rural Water System provides drinking water to over 2,000 farms, homes and businesses in parts for five counties in southeast South Dakota. The water system was incorporated in 1975 and annually distributes over 250 million gallons of water to its members.







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