Event sponsored by Eagles benefits local DARE program

Event sponsored by Eagles benefits local DARE program
A fun-filled event sponsored last September by the Eagles' Auxiliary and its Grand Aerie in Vermillion is paying off dividends for the Clay County DARE program.

Officials of the Eagles presented a $1,000 check last week to Deputy Sheriff Paul Pederson, who is a certified instructor of the DARE program in Clay County.

The funds were raised through activities at the Child Health and Safety Carnival, held Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Eagles.

Main Street in front of the Eagles building was closed to traffic. Youngsters took train rides, took turns in a jumping tent and fished for prizes in a duck pond.

Before children could participate in the carnival, they first had to visit booths set up inside the Eagles building.

Those stations included:

  • Information on the DARE program presented by the Clay County Sheriff's Department.
  • Facts on child abuse and prevention sponsored by the Vermillion Police Department.
  • Health and wellness tips provided by Vermillion's Hy-Vee food store.
  • Insight on the dangers of hypothermia presented by the Clay County Extension office.
  • Wellness education facts provided by Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.
  • Diabetes education provided by Choice Pharmacy.

    Gerri Dooley, auxiliary president, noted that the funds raised by the carnival were matched by the Eagles Grand Aerie.

    Besides a donation to the local DARE program, the Eagles also plans to provide funds to the Vermillion Police Department to help with its efforts for child protection and to stop child abuse.

    "Everything that we're doing here has all been donated by the community, and basically everything that we accomplish today will all be coming back to the community for the kids," Dooley said during the carnival last September, "and for scholarships and other things."

    Approximately 400 people, including children and parents, visited the Eagles carnival last September.

    The event was designed to be fun for local kids, but Dooley noted that adults enjoyed the carnival and other activities, too.

    "We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from the parents, too," Dooley said.

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