A killing season

To the editor:

Mountain lion killing season ended Nov. 23 with the illegal killing of a female lion traveling with her kittens. The perpetrator, Charles McGillivray of Madison, was charged with "violating the conditions" of his big game license.

The penalty? A paltry $101 fine and forfeiture of his "trophy." The price paid by the victims of his crime? A painful death for mom and life imprisonment in zoos for her orphaned kittens.

Because she was the 15th female lion killed, the plundering was "officially" declared enough for 2007. Nonetheless, a 16th female lion was killed later that day by another hunter who didn't get the word that the season was closed.

Thus the final score for 2007 is 16 female lions killed, three male lions killed and at least seven known kittens orphaned – figures that are likely higher than officials know or admit to. These disturbingly lopsided numbers expose the mountain lion hunting season for what it is – an ugly assault upon the balance of nature by man.

It makes one wonder if eradication of the specie has displaced lust for money as the reason for the season.

By contacting the eight Game, Fish & Parks commissioners who approve this annual debacle you will serve notice that their irresponsible actions and poor stewardship of the state's natural resources is no longer going unnoticed. Their names and contact information is on the South Dakota GF&P Commissioner Web site http://www.sdgfp.info/Commission/Commissioners.htm.

Isaiah Shiloh

Thank you from soldiers

To the families, friends and communities of Battery B, 1st Battalion, 147th Field Artillery:

On behalf of the Soldiers of Bravo Battery, we'd like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support that has been truly humbling and greatly appreciated.

The commitment of support displayed immediately upon Bravo Battery receiving

its alert for mobilization, during the activation ceremony at the Sioux Falls Arena, and recently in giving the amazing gift of a chartered aircraft, which brought our soldiers home for Christmas, has been nothing short of monumental.

We cannot thank you enough for the awesome Christmas gift of enjoying the

holiday with family and friends. The soldiers continue to be amazed and appreciative of your generosity and support. The memories of this past holiday will be treasured as we spend the next few months so far away from home.

Once again, on behalf of the Soldiers of the Bravo Battery, thank you!

Major Kory Knight & First Sergeant Ty Holt
Convoy Support Center Cedar II, Iraq

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