Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights

Vermillion has the reputation of being the best town in the state. With a little pushing a great deal of property could be sold here and the population increased very materially.

District and township clerks and treasurers should remember that a fifty-cent revenue stamp is required on their bonds. A bond without the necessary stamp invalidates the bond.

Dr.'s Jordan and Greene will be doing optical work in Vermillion August 3 to 10. Former patients are invited to call, if any changes are necessary.

The city hose room has been enlarged considerably by the removing of the petition between the 2 east rooms. This is something, which has been needed for some time, as the room was inadequate for hose drying after they had been used at a fire.

Last week, Chas. Russell, the popular Vermillion Gardner, connected his garden by telephone with everybody in the city and all those wishing anything in the garden truck line will now call phone 88 and give their order and it will be delivered.

The ground plans of the U have been sent to a landscape gardner of Minneapolis, and undoubtedly the regents will arrange to have the campus laid out somewhat after these recommendations.

The Fair Association met last week and decided a contribution of $200.00 would be necessary to be assured of its success. Some doubted the amount could be raised. Some thought it a grand idea and circulated a petition to raise the money. Mr. Lotze immediately gave $15.00 and within half an hour Treasurer McKay had a guarantee of $155.00. Thus encouraged he proceed on his way up and down the streets and by nightfall he had a total of $355.00 subscribed and probably $25.00 more promised. Lee and Prentis were top contributors with $20.00. Many more gave from $1.00 to $10.00. Now that the money is assured the Fair Association is going to work at once to spend it in the best manor. A contract has already been let to build a stable on the fair grounds. The stable will be 96X20 feet with 3 driveways and divided into 12 double stalls. This will accommodate 35 horses.

An addition is being built on to Stevens Meat Market, to better accommodate the increasing business of that place and make more living space upstairs.

The gypsy queen will hold your hand and tell your fortune at the Congregational social tomorrow evening at Jolley's.

Whithouses' gasoline ferry started up again Tuesday, much to the satisfaction of a large number of Nebraskans who wanted to come to this side but were afraid of the other boat. The Nebraska trade amounts to considerable and the businessmen can well afford to pay the small bonus that Whithouse asks.

Vermillion Convent and Academy, The Benedictine Sisters of St. Joseph's Academy and Day School of Vermillion, will open on September 11. They are prepared to receive a large number of boarders. The school will be conducted in three departments and will comprise a primary, a preparatory, and academic and commercial. Private lessons, forming extra charges, will be given in various instrumental music. For particulars address, Benedictine Sisters, St. Joseph's Convent, Vermillion, SD.

East and West Hall have never been as crowded as this year for a long time.

Oliver Chaussee's dance at Burbank was a great success. Many from Burbank and Vermillion said it was the best ever.

It will be necessary for all voters in the country to register this year. This works a hardship on farmers who have to drive several miles to register, but it is better than to know their vote is being offset by a gang of men colonized by some railroad company.

There was not one arrest made during the fair which speaks well for the people who kept out of sight of the vigilant cops.

The fair was well attended this year. The bicycle races were exciting. The horse races were interesting. "Nine Dollars", the only horse from Vermillion came in second.

Cement sidewalks have been laid in front of Fritz Lass', Iver Millers' and the Republican Office this week, also a brick walk along the north side of Salmer's block, and board walks built or repaired in various parts of the city.

Last Monday morning the Vermillion Electric Co., commenced furnishing lights to their patrons in the morning. The lights are turned on at 5 o'clock and will continue until 8 o'clock.

On next Wednesday evening, a grand ball will be given at city hall. Music will be furnished by a harpist and a mandolin player. Everyone is invited to attend and good order will be maintained.

Stevens & Co. is building another ice house.

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