Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1898

Improvements at the University

Reports are being received by the Board of Regents that the following needs at the University have been suggested:

The faculty has been performing the duties of a registrar but as the work increases each year, it is found it necessary to secure a competent person to take up the work. This position would require a salary no less than $600.00 per year.

The cost of fuel and lights for the past two years was $5,274.85.

The appropriation for the library for the past two years was $500.00 per year. At least $1,000.00 per year is now required.

Incidental expenses at the University which are paid out of the maintenance fund, have mounted in the past two years to $6,510.45.

The heating plant was planned so that flues providing for the escape of foul air from the rooms were to open into the towers on the roof, but the towers have not been built.

Another matter that will require attention is the heating of the dormitories. The stoves used in the boys� dormitory are nearly all burned out, and must be replaced by new ones or some other method of heating that building must be adopted.

Salary funds for the coming year are as follows:

? Faculty $23,000.00

? Janitors and Engineers $1,800.00

? Cases for Museum $500.00

? Maintenance $3,200.00

A few of the businessmen met at the President�s office Tuesday to talk over the needs for the University. There seemed to be a general impression that the legislature ought to realize the needs of a public institution and give it support without Vermillion people having to beg that body for sufficient funds to keep the institution going.


The new President at the University is Garrett Droppers. Many letters of recommendation have been received. He comes from the University of Tokyo in Japan. He is a graduate of Harvard University and took special work for several years at Leipzig, Germany. He had charge of political economy at Tokyo University.

It is hoped the U will get the $25,000 appropriation for a Science Hall. It will soon be an absolute necessity..

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