Unplanned visit to Humane Society produces more gifts – second in series

Unplanned visit to Humane Society produces more gifts – second in series
Continued from "Strangers enter writer's life bearing gifts" Jan. 10, 2008 Plain Talk.

Prior to putting our Springier Spaniel, Michael, down on March 28, 2007, Brian and I agreed that we would not adopt another fur-child right away. We would wait awhile and give it some time. After all, we still had Poe, our four-year-old Dachshund.

Thank goodness that was settled, I thought to myself. With my mother passing away less than two years prior, my dad's death in Feb. 2007, and then Michael, I had had too much loss.

However, on March 29, I received a call from Brian over my lunch hour.

"What are you doing?" Brian asked.

"I'm having tea and spending time with Poe," I said. "Where are you?"

A brief silence followed my question.

"I'm … I'm at the Humane Society," Brian answered.

"What are you doing there?" I replied, knowing full well why.

"Something just made me turn in this direction." More silence. "Paula, they have two Dachshunds here."

"Oh, Brian, what about our agreement? It's too soon," I countered.

"Paula, they are so cute and they are sisters. Would you have time to come see them?" He said in a boyish tone.

"Well, I suppose," I gave in.

"Bring Poe with you and the leashes," he instructed with a hardy conviction.

Leashes? This could only mean one thing. Brian's heart had changed his mind.

Leashes. The pain of letting Michael go was too much. We found ourselves surrendering to what soon became a healing balm.

At the Humane Society, while Poe romped with Zoey and Lily in the courtyard, Brian filled me in on the girls' previous owner.

"His dying wish was that Zoey and Lily be adopted together."

That's all I needed to hear. No more teetering over our mournful loss. Fate had grabbed hold and would not let go. Not ever. We adopted Zoey and Lily.

That was how I encountered the first stranger who entered my life in 2007 bearing gifts. Now, the second stranger I know nothing about … to be continued

© 2008 Paula Damon

A resident of Southeast South Dakota for more than 30 years, Paula Damon is a popular columnist, keynote speaker, and freelance writer. Her columns have won first-place national and state awards in The National Federation of Press Women competitions. Damon's writing took second place statewide in the South Dakota Press Women 2007 Competition. For more information, e-mail pauladamon@iw.net.

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