Vermillion grapplers host triangular

Vermillion grapplers host triangular
"I was pleased with our opening dual against Madison," said coach Casey O'Connor. "We really needed to establish an aggressive pace from the beginning. Out of our 10 wins, seven were by pin. This was a nice improvement over last week. In our dual against Bon Homme, we were simply beat by a better team.

"We continually struggled with fundaments and Bon Homme capitalized each time. We have multiple things to discuss before our next competition on Saturday in Yankton. This will be a true assessment of where our current standings are in the state."

Key: WBF – won by fall; LBF – lost by fall; TF – technical fall; WD – won by decision; WMD – won by major decision; WF – won by forfeit.

First dual – Vermillion vs. Madison (varsity) team scores: Vermillion – 51, Madison – 18.

103 – Matt Goth (M) WBF over Joey Mueller (VER) in 0:19; 112 – Lance Burkhart (VER) WBF over John Waba (M) in 1:06; 119 – Tom Shoemaker (M) WD over Earl Kiertzner (VER), 8-7; 125 – JR Moore (VER) WD over Tyler Converse (M), 9-6; 130 – Tony Hubert (VER) WD over Ethan Bird (M), 12-5; 135 – Andy William (M) WD over Brad Orr (VER), 8-1; 140 – Jeff Anglin (VER) WD over Zac Bremmon (M), 7-6; 145 – Andrew Eidem (VER) WBF over Tyrel Redbird (M) in 3:45; 152 – Tanner Mart (VER) WBF over Jacob Aus (M) in 0:47; 160 – Chris Mart (VER) WBF over Corde McLaughling (M) in 4:31; 171 – Luke Heine (VER) WBF over Zach Ordee (M) in 1:07; 189 – Nick Mart (VER) WBF over Jacob Jager (M) in 0:59; 215 – Mason Reidesel (M) WBF over Gerrit Heine (VER) in 3:08; 285 – Thomas Mollet (VER) WBF over Brandon Nordaune (M) in 0:12.

First dual – Vermillion vs. Madison (junior varsity)

119 – David Bergeron (M) WBF over Tony Hendersen (VER) in 0:54; 119 – Matt LeMair (M) WBF over Tony Hendersen (VER) in 0:23; 135 – Donald Bird (M) WBF over Ethan Druin (VER) in 0:20; 140 – Austin Heffern (M) WD over Ethan Druin (VER), 8-7; 145 – Jared Peters (M) WBF over Carson Sullivan (VER) in 1:59; 152 – David Langer (M) WMD over Andrew McCann (VER), 15-4; 160 – Taylor Gusso (M) WBF over Jordan Moos (VER) in 4:22; 160 – Dexter Mehlhaf (VER) WBF over Jordan Bogenreif (M) in 2:14; 189 – Chase Allen (VER) WBF over Matt LeMair (M) in 1:48.

Third dual – Vermillion vs. Bon Homme (varsity) team scores: Bon Homme – 40, Vermillion – 51.

103 – Jay Kriz (BH) WF; 112 – Ryan Kriz (BH) WD over Lance Burkhart (VER), 6-4; 119 – Dylan Stoebner (BH) WD over Earl Kiertzner (VER), 5-0; 125 – Travis Hovorka (BH) WBF over JR Moore (VER) in 3:59; 130 – David Cuka (BH) WBF over Tony Hubert (VER) in 1:26; 135 – Jesse Rolston (BH) WD over Brad Orr (VER), 8-1; 140 – Joey Sykora (BH) WMD over Jeff Anglin (VER), 12-3; 145 – Andrew Eidem (VER) WBF over Wes Kloucek (BH) in 1:15; 152 – Cory Sykora (BH) WBF over Tanner Mart (VER) in 5:34; 160 – Chris Mart (VER) WD over Adam Tycz (BH), 6-2; 171 – Logan Tycz (BH) WD over Luke Heine (VER), 6-2; 189 – Nick Mart (VER) WF; 215 – Gerrit Heine (VER) WBF over Jesse Boden (BH) in 0:48; 285 – Thomas Mollet (VER) WF.

Third dual – Vermillion vs. Bon Homme (junior varsity)

EX – Christian Haro (BH) WBF over Tony Hendersen (VER) in 0:55; EX – Brad Rokusek (BH) WBF over Dexter Mehlhaf (VER) in 0:52; EX – Chad Sykora (BH) WBF over Ethan Druin (VER) in 2:32; EX – Doug Vanecek (BH) WBF over Carson Sullivan in 1:50; EX – Nathan Kloucek (BH) WBF over Tony Hendersen (VER) in 0:53; EX – Cody Cuka (BH) WBG over Andrew McCann (VER) in 1:04.

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