Vermillion homes victims of burglaries

Vermillion homes victims of burglaries
The Vermillion Police Department is investigating a series of burglaries that have occurred during the past week.

"The increase in burglaries has our attention," Vermillion Police Chief Art Mabry said. "However, our focus is aimed at two burglaries where the occupants were home at the time.

"While an increase in reported burglaries of unoccupied residences following a long school break isn't unusual," he said, "entry of an occupied home, especially at night, is unusual and of significant concern."

The police report that no one has been threatened or harmed during those burglaries and that the suspect immediately flees. The suspect entered through unlocked doors.

The police department is cautioning residents to lock their doors and windows at all times and to immediately report any suspicious persons or activity.

"Although Vermillion is a very safe community, we aren't immune from isolated incidents and securing your home is a prudent action," Mabry said.

Police are asking anyone who may have information regarding these burglaries to contact them at 677-7070.

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