Weather has affect on blood supply

Weather has affect on blood supply
Siouxland Community Blood Bank (SCBB) is experiencing critical need in the Siouxland blood supply caused by recent winter weather events.

"The winter weather has made it difficult for some donors to brave the snow and ice to make their donation. We understand.

"We don't want anyone placing themselves in danger trying to get to a blood drive," said Tim Hess, SCBB director of marketing. "But the demand on Siouxland's blood supply is constant and doesn't take a break for winter weather or the holidays."

"We also have to be prepared for severe winter weather of the sort that caused power outages across Oklahoma and Missouri," said Jan Twaitt, SCBB CEO. "In order to minimize the impact of a potential storm like that, it's important that we stay ahead of demand all winter long."

SCBB is currently running a promotion involving Sioux City, IA area churches.

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