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Frasches display model at meeting

President Connie Kendall opened the Feb. 16, 2008 meeting of the Sons of Norway by reading her letter to the members in the current newsletter. This was followed by the anthems of Norway, US and the pledge to the US flag.

Guests Don and Joanne Frasch were introduced.

The roll call of officers was taken and the minutes of the last Lodge meeting was also read by Phyllis Nielsen, and approved with a slight correction. The Treasurer's report was given and approved.

President Connie presented information on the recruiting contest open to all SON members. The winner will receive a trip to Norway and all members are urged to bring in new members. She suggested giving memberships as gifts and very attractive gift cards are available. She also reviewed other items available to members.

The District Convention will be held in Mankato, MN. June 12-14. The Lodge needs to select 3 delegates by the March deadline. It was also suggested that alternate delegates be selected. Laura Martindale reported that Carole Nordby is working in Mississippi with a group of volunteers on a "mission of mercy".

JoAnne Christensen award-ed certificates to members who have brought in new members. Award pins to go with the awards will arrive later. She also reported that Gilbert Mjoen and Warren Broderson are recuperating at home following surgery.

Earl Reese presented a plan for gathering information on our heritage. Each member is asked to write about memories of their homes, schools and other events family may have told stories about, fun or serious. This will be compiled into a booklet. Copies can be made on request and all members are urged to participate in this new project for the Lodge.

Carol Broderson introduced our guests, Joanne and Don Frasch, former members and dance instructors, who displayed and described their scale model replica of the barn built by Joanne's grandfather, Fred Hauck. The farm is no longer owned by a family member but the current owner allowed Don and Joanne to take pictures and take some wood and metal from the barn to make the 1 to 22.5 ratio model. They intend to recreate the entire farmstead. The model has the same number of shingles as the original and also has wiring to look like a 32volt system and partitions, etc. to match the original. The model is portable, weighing about 60 lbs. This took 6-7 months to build and is a true work of art, perfect in every detail. Don made part of the roof removable so you can see the details inside. They have displayed this at Menno's Pioneer Days and at the Menno/Olivet Nursing Home. Don also built a double octagon silo (the original can be seen west of Yankton on 52), a water tower to go with his train set, and a wagon, horse-drawn hay rack and found small animals to go with the barn.

The February birthdays were honored with the birthday song and John Grindvold led the Norwegian table prayer. Good food and fellowship were enjoyed by all.

The next meeting will be March 15 at 2 p.m. Members are encouraged to bring guest as the program will be the Stavig Letters program presented by John and Jane Rasmussen and Wayne Knutson.

Carol Broderson, Reporter

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