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Local Legion Auxiliary gets down to business

Wallace Post #1 American Legion Auxiliary Doesn't Wait to Get Down to Business!

Normally, the Auxiliary skips meeting in January. Wallace Post #1 American Legion Auxiliary started this New Year out, however, with resolution when President Edis J. Anderson made arrangements with Christol McGuire, director of the Senior Citizens Center, to hold a special meeting on Jan. 8, in the Board Room of the Senior Citizens Center.

The purpose of the meeting was to resolve if and by what method the Auxiliary would attempt to resuscitate the Wallace Post #1 American Legion Auxiliary, which for 88 years has supported the troops in times of conflict, and the veteran upon his return. Such considerations were scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. with Dagmar Tarts and coffee, and continue until 2 p.m., with time out for lunch together in the Board Room.

The median age of the Auxiliary is 83. It was most remarkable that on that cold Jan. 8 winter morning, nine of the 11 members who could have been expected to attend the meeting were present. Two-thirds of those women have faithfully been attending Auxiliary meetings for more than 14 years, including Marjorie Christensen who has been a member for 27 years. Their consistent dedication to being the vehicle through which the causes of the American Legion Auxiliary could become meaningful is remarkable.

Jason Chicoine was invited to make a 45 minute presentation regarding the newly established Veterans Resource Center of which he is the executive director. The members valued gaining that information and continuing to become more personally acquainted with Jason during lunch.

The first regularly scheduled meeting for Wallace Post # 1 American Legion Auxiliary for 2008 will be Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the Senior Citizens Center. The Senior Citizens Center, 320 West Main, is just west of the Court House in Vermillion, on the south side of Main Street. There is parking on the street, or in a lot behind the Center.

Marlys Stensaas will report on the progress of the arrangements for Girls State. Marilyn Gors is the hostess.

Kathleen Hornstra from Springfield, District 7 American Legion president, will be present to make the annual District 7 visit to the Wallace Post #1 American Legion Auxiliary.

The bonding of the women of our Auxiliary is unique: our Veterans. You are always welcome to attend our Wallace Post # 1 American Legion Auxiliary meetings.

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