FSA Notes

FSA Notes
Report farm changes to FSA

Now is the time to report changes in your farming operation to Farm Service Agency (FSA). The addition or deletion of land from last years farming operation is important to report to FSA. Landlord changes due to sale or inheritance are also important changes as is a change from share rent to cash rent. Producers whose farming operations will or have changed for the 2008 crop year should report the changes to their local Farm Service Agency office.

Reportable changes may include the addition or deletion of land farmed in 2007; a change in the number of operators or owners on a farm unit and changes such as the forming of a partnership, corporation or LLC. By reporting changes timely, producers assure themselves of accurate constitution of their farming operation. This is important since the current farm legislation has expired and new farm legislation may be enacted. Accurate records of your farm operation are necessary to assure producers of obtaining the correct program benefits.

Do you have grain under loan?

If you have 2007 crop grain under loan, you must request a Marketing Authorization (CCC-681) before you remove your grain OR your grain must be paid for before removing from the bin. This marketing authorization is in effect for 15 or 30 days. If any grain is delivered to the elevator during this time period, the grain must be paid for within 15 days after the marketing authorization expires. Please call the Clay County Farm Service Agency before moving CCC sealed grain.

Continuous CRP

Continuous CRP provisions provide flexibility to implement certain high priority conservation practices on eligible land. Offers are automatically accepted provided the acreage and producer meet certain eligibility requirements. The land must be determined by NRCS to be eligible and suitable for any of the following practices:

  • Riparian buffers and filter strips
  • Grassed waterways
  • Shelter belts and field windbreaks
  • Living snow fences
  • Marginal pasture land
  • Farmable Wetland Program

    Incentive payments are offered to encourage producers to participate in continuous CRP signup. If you are thinking about any of the continuous practices, please contact the Clay County FSA Office.

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