Junior Music Festival is March 15

Junior Music Festival is March 15
The 44th annual Junior Music Festival, sponsored by the Vermillion Music Club in conjunction with the National Federation of Music Clubs, will be held on Saturday, March 15, 2008. About 100 young musicians from the surrounding area, ages 4-18, are expected to participate, performing on either the piano or a string instrument. Each student performs two pieces of music, one of which is a required selection for the class in which the student is performing, and the second is a piece of comparable difficulty chosen by the student and his/her teacher. The students receive a rating and written critique from a judge.

The Festival will be held in the Vermillion High School, with the piano students performing in the new auditorium and the string players in the Band Room.

There will also be a Friday evening string section, held in the Fine Arts Building on the USD campus. The following teachers will have students playing in the Festival: Judy Aiello, Susan Keith Gray, Kimberly Jacobson, Christy Kimball, Beth Mitchell, Karen Wearne, Janis Yarbrough, Karen Lipp, and John Thomson.

The judge for the string performers will be cellist Marie-Elaine Gagnon, currently from Vermillion. Ms. Gagnon is a new member of the string faculty of the USD School of Music and a member of the Rawlins Piano Trio.

Ms. Cara Geerlings will be judging the piano performers. Ms. Geerlings is a piano instructor and experienced adjudicator from Sioux City, IA.

All sessions are free of charge and open to the public. For further information about the Junior Music Festival or the Vermillion Music Club, contact Sarah Chadima at 624-6745 or Carolyn Johnson at 624-4233.

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