Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts taken from Plain Talk 1901 continued

The members of the Cemetery Association gave an oyster supper in the basement of the Methodist Church last Tuesday evening. The proceeds of the evening amounted to about $25.00.

Clay County has been visited the past week by many land inspectors, and our agents have been kept busy showing them around.

Fifty cents a vote is what the judicial election cost Clay County. There were about 800 votes cast and the total expense was something like $400.00. Thus the need of combining the judicial election with the state election is manifest.

A tramp preacher held down a chair on the street last night, but the ungodly crowd hurried to its business, it's Congregation social, its Lutheran supper, its college reception, and heeded him not.

There are few vacant building lots left on the two business bocks of Main Street and there is good demand for them by speculators.

LEE AND PRENTIS: A barrel of choice apples for $3.50 and $3.75 per barrel.

The City Council should take active steps to provide a new drop curtain for the opera house. The people of the city feel a tinge of remorse every time they witness the mulish workings of the blasted old rotten curtain.

The City Council considered a proposition for licensing of a billiard hall and bowling alley. By a vote of 7 to 1 the council granted a license. The plan of purchasing the ravine to establish a park and the deal will probably be made.

Brookman & Barrett have completed a new Mill called "DeSmit Universal Mills". The old mill was lost by fire and will be heated by steam reducing the danger of fire to a minimum. The mill is a great credit to our city. Mr. Barrett will act as the local manager.

L. Rostad finished the ferry station last week and the "Vermillion" is stowed away until spring. Nebraskans speak highly of Louie and of the service given them this summer.

A big gramophone at the rear end of Lotze's store entertains the multitude of shoppers while pondering on what to buy for Christmas gifts.

The Register of Deeds filed his annual report for 1901 and reported fees of $1,364.30 being collected for the year.

"Killed by Order of the Mayor". This placard was placed on Vaughn's slot machine. The slot was tempting too many stray nickels. This tells the story that all slots in the city cease doing business forthwith. There were 5 of them in the city and the boys have been reduced to the necessity of throwing nickels at cracks in the floor for excitement.

Monday was a record breaker in tax collections. More cold cash was taken in that day than any day since Treasurer Grangaard took office. Approximately $3,000.00 was taken in that day.

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