Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Plain Talk

1901 Continued

The WCTU ladies of this city differ from those in many towns in that they uphold Mrs. Nation in her saloon smashing business in Kansas.

As an indication of the amount of real estate changing hands in this locality, Register of Deeds Westlund, states that he has put $125 worth of revenue stamps on the recorded instruments during the last 2 weeks.

Calvin Russell has issued 800 numbers on his 2-story house and 4 lots in East Vermillion which he intends to sell at $1 each by mid summer.

Undertaker Rotten has devised a new, novel and successful plan for telephoning to his farm about three miles southeast of here. He has made connections with one of the barbed wires on the fence owned by the Milwaukee Railroad, which starts about a mile from town and runs direct to his farm, and on Tuesday completed the circuit. It works to perfection, and no one can tell as to what kind of wire he is talking over.

An unusually large quantity of Easter flowers was seen in Vermillion this season. For the past two weeks the windows of Clark's Drug Store have been filled with lilies, hyacinths and primroses, which could be bought at exceeding low rates, and every train brought special orders of hothouse flowers from Sioux City and Yankton.

Having found the burning of electric lights too expensive, I offer for sale cheap eight 3 and 4 globe chandeliers. A. E. Lee

Applicants for marriage licenses should remember that the records are open for inspection. The County Clerk may promise not to divulge the secret, but he cannot hinder a newspaper man whose business it is to find the news, from examining the records and looking up prospective weddings.

The campus at the University never presented a finer appearance. The grounds, spread with a heavy mantle of blue grass, and dotted here and there with flowers, are a scene of beauty.

Register of Deeds Westlund commenced Tuesday to copy the records of that office that went through the flood of '81. The books are dated as early as 1875 and are soaked and dim, but the legible hand of L. W. Bell can still be traced with sufficient clearness to make copying easy.

University enthusiasts brought out the old cannon last night and fired a number of salutes to the Brookings winners.

A rather small number attended the Business Men's meeting Wednesday night to discuss the ferry boat proposition, and the meeting was postponed until Friday night: when it is desired that every one be present. It is proposed to build a ferryboat and hire someone to run it.

It is not necessary to pay fancy prices for men's and boy's underwear, when you can buy first class undershirts and drawers for .25, .35 and, 50 cents at Lee & Prentis. You can buy nothing to compare with them elsewhere for the same money.

The bottom of the new ferry is nearly completed and Captain Rustad expects to have the boat ready to run within the contract time, July 10. The high water, enabling him to build the boat at the foot of the hill, has made the building much easier.

The County Commissioners are negotiating for the erection of a pest house on the Island. Such a move is necessary on account of the manner in which some families under quarantine continue to disobey the orders of the health officers. An attempt is being made to blot out the small pox germs, and the "unclean" must wash up and renovate their homes, or suffer isolation.

The launching of the new ferryboat has been delayed on account of rains, but will be put into the water not later than Monday, possibly Saturday. It has not as yet been christened and will not be until launched. "Vermillion" would be very appropriate.

The fruit industry is becoming next in importance to that of stock raising in the vicinity of Vermillion. Plums, cherries, apples, melons and strawberries are each in season gathered in large quantities and find a ready market in communities north and west. It is estimated that 80,000 quarts of strawberries will be gathered by seasons end.

A gang of four rowdies, their natural toughness increased by a load of booze, walked up the street Sunday insulting women and making themselves generally obnoxious.

The "Vermillion" as Louis Rustad has decided to call the ferryboat, will be finished and in operation next Monday on the Missouri.

If you want your teeth fixed up free of charge next Monday or Tuesday, make an appointment with Dr. Collins at once.

At the meeting of the city council next Monday evening propositions for the lease of the opera house will soon be considered.

The Vermillion Milling Company shipped two carloads of flour to Chicago this week, or a total of 65,380 pounds. The cash consideration was about $1,200.

Vermillion will be blessed with 2 ferryboats the rest of the summer. The "Vermillion" will be running this week and Whithouse's boat is making regular trips on the county line.

In another column the Board of Health has an order for a general cleaning up, and unless you want the authorities to get after you it will be a good policy to comply with the ordinance of the city.

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