Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Vermillion Plain Talk 1900

W. B. Lawton has sold his photo gallery to two Sioux City men. He has purchased a gallery at Alexander, Minnesota.

The bodies of 15 South Dakota soldiers killed in the Philippines are now back in South Dakota.

The Clay County Commission has asked Carl Gunderson to arrange a map of roads in Clay County. The road running northwest from Vermillion to Norway Township will be named the Lincoln Road. The road running south from Vermillion to the Missouri River will be named Rudy Rand Road. The road running southeast of Vermillion to Burbank will be named the Burbank Road.

Tackaberry & Peterson are working on the Clay County History Atlas.

Herman Malby built a ferryboat in just four weeks. It has a first class cabin and may be rented for excursion parties up the river.

Golf lines have been laid out as the "golf craze" has hit Vermillion.

Vermillion Milling Company has begun making their new breakfast food "Germeal". One cup of Germeal cooks enough for 5 people.

Fritz Lass has sold his restaurant and will take up farming.

Some bridges are out in the Vermillion valley due to high water. Winds hit Vermillion and did much damage. The brickyard flooded and the unburned bricks were destroyed.

Theodore Roosevelt visited Vermillion on Sept 1st and gave a short speech.

The Vermillion Milling Company is sending a couple of carloads of Germeal to Europe.

Standard Oil Stock is now worth $850.00 per share, and makes Rockefeller who owns 43% of the stock, worth $350,000,000. The profits of the trust this year has been $40,000,000. This is something to think about when you pour a little oil in the kitchen stove this winter and it puts the fire out.

The city of Sioux Falls tried to palm off on Vermillion a hose cart that would stand alone, is kicking now because Vermillion sent the dilapidated concern back and refuses to pay freight either way. A representative of the department in Vermillion looked at the practice cart and approved of it. Dell Rapids afterwards got the car and Vermillion was sent the broken down cart. A suit is threatened, but the city of Sioux Falls is so clearly in the wrong, the suit is probably mostly wind.

Last Sunday one of Grange's black horses which have been used so long on the local hearses became afflicted with some unknown malady and died. The horse is a valuable one, all the more so as it completed an excellent team for funeral occasions.

E. Frank Peterson and R. M. Tckabury are pushing their atlas and it will be in the hands of the binder in three weeks.

Capt. Malby put the Uella May on dry dock last week, being sure winter was upon us, but yesterday he put it in the river again and declares he will not pull it out again until it gets cold. This practice of running boats on the Missouri at Christmas time is something new for South Dakota.

Last Saturday night the old Chaussee building in Fairview Township was burned to the ground. This structure is one of the old landmarks of Clay County, having been built on the old Chaussee homestead thirty years ago.

A medical quack claiming to cure all ills has been in the city for a couple of weeks. He left for Lesterville after relieving several families of their money. He got next to the hotel man, the liveryman, and several other amounting in all to about $50.00.


One of the Nebraska young men, who came across the ice Monday to attend the Fireman's dance, came near going to a watery grave enroute. Half way across the the river one leg of his horse broke through the ice, and it took all the skill the young man had, as well as considerable nerve, to extricate him without diaster. He did so, however, and proceeded across the river, arriving at the dance in good time. That man had nerve but he lacked fear.

About 70 numbers were sold to the Fireman's dance at the City Hall Monday night, which will leave the department, when all expenses are met, over $35.00 with which to purchase uniforms.

The County Dads have been in session all week straightening up the accounts of the county and looking over the books of the County Auditor and Treasurer.

The assessed valuation of Clay County is $4,635,501.00 and the taxes that will be collected from this amount, if they are all collected, will bring $83,269.25.

Considerable interest is being awakened over the project of removing the Bloomingdale dam. At the meeting of the Commissioners it promises to be well attended by the Spirit Moundies. If this takes place, Eric Wastlund will have to run his Mill with gasoline engines.

Electric lights began to dim about 7 o'clock last night caused by the dynamo belt working loose. Mr. Gremmels noticing this had a new belt in readiness and jerked off the old one and put on the new. This was all done in less than one minute–hardly long enough for the patrons to know that something was wrong. That's moving some.

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