Tanager varsity wrestlers top Sioux Falls Washington

Tanager varsity wrestlers top Sioux Falls Washington
In a dual at Sioux Falls Washington last Thursday Jan. 7, the Tanagers bested the Warriors 42-30 to complete their regular season.

Individual scoring results:

103 – Jordan Gobbermann (W) WBF (1:32) over Joey Mueller (V).

112 – Lance Burkhart (V) won by decision (6-5) over Josh Barkenna (W).

215 – Dan Devaney (W) WBF (0:52) over Earl Kiertzner (V).

125 – Nat Larson (W) won by decision (9-5) over JR Moore (V).

215 – Sam Schultz (W) WBF (5:07) over Tony Hubert (V).

135 – Brad Orr (V) WBF (2:48) over Alan Bachmeier (W).

140 – Drake Bachmeier (W) won by decision (9-5) over Jeff Anglin (V).

145 – Andrew Eidem (V) WBF (4:37) over John Doorn (W).

152 – Tanner Mart (V) WBF (5:09) over Jordan Larson (W).

160 – Chris Mast (V) WBF (3:25) over Alan Butler (W).

171 – Luke Heine (V) WBF (3:13) over Jared Meyer (W).

189 – Nick Mart (V) WBGF (1:13) over Aron Labrie (W).

216 – Tim Maarlette (W) WBF (3:51) over Gerrit Heine (V).

285 – Thomas Mollet (V) won by decision (9-4) over Nic Auinger (W).

"Finishing the regular season with a dual win is always positive motivation going into the Regional Tournament. We are certainly excited about our trip to Yankton next Thursday. This is what we have been working and preparing for since Nov. 15, 2007," said coach Casey O'Connor.

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