Tanager wrestlers place third in Region 2A

Tanager wrestlers place third in Region 2A
The Vermillion Tanager wrestlers scored 144 points to earn third place in the Region 2A Wrestling Tournament, held Thursday and Friday, Feb. 14 and 15 in Yankton.

Vermillion will send 10 wrestlers to the Class A State Wrestling Tournament in Aberdeen Feb. 22-23.

The qualifying wrestlers are Lance Burkhart, Earl Kiertzner, Brad Orr, Andrew Eidem, Tanner Mart, Chris Mart, Luke Heine, Nick Mart, Gerrit Heine and Thomas Mollet.

"We had a fantastic second day at the regional tournament. We had three wrestlers already qualified and nine had to win the first round on Friday. I felt very confident that we would qualify seven of our wrestlers with three to four on the fence. Those three or four had to have a great second day to qualify," said coach Casey O'Connor.

"Qualifying 10 wrestlers for the state tournament is a great accomplishment for our team. The kids have wrestled and practiced hard for this moment and were able to put things together when it counted. It is hard to single out individual performances when your team competed so well. Two of our seniors, Thomas Mollet and Luke Heine, both won their weight class. Luke Heine was voted by the coaches as the Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament for the second year in a row," he said. "We are certainly looking forward to next week with a trip to Aberdeen. We set a goal of placing as a team at the state tournament this year and with these 10 qualifiers, we certainly have a chance to make that goal a reality."

Individual results:

103 – Joey Mueller lost to Michael Mazourek, Lennox, T-Fall 19-3, and lost to Blake Jans, SF Washington, Fall 0:21.

112 – Lance Burkhart defeated Noah Halma, Brandon Valley, T-Fall 16-1; lost to Jesse Peterson, Canton, Dec. 4-3; defeated Jacob Devine, Harrisburg, M-Dec. 11-0, and defeated Josh Barkema, SF Washington, Dec. 7-3.

119 – Earl Kiertzner lost to Shawn Stuen, Yankton, Fall 3:56; defeated Casey Lowe, West Central, Dec. 4-3; defeated Andrew Amundson, Brandon Valley, Dec. 7-5, and lost to Dan Devaney, SF Washington, Dec. 6-4.

125 – JR Moore lost to Gabe Messler, Yankton, Dec. 10-3; defeated Andrew Lahren, SF Lincoln, Fall 2:13, and lost to Cody Miller, Brandon Valley, Dec. 8-3.

130 – Tony Hubert lost to Sam Schultz, SF Washington, Fall 2:37, and lost to Landon Stroud, SF Lincoln, Fall 2:04.

135 – Brad Orr defeated Jordan Richter, SF Lincoln, Fall 3:01; lost to Zach Mettler, West Central, Dec. 10-4; defeated Cody Silvernail, Yankton, Dec. 10-3, and defeated Thaddeus Wells, SF Washington, Dec. 4-2.

140 – Jeff Anglin lost to Tanner Lunstra, Brandon Valley, Fall 3:40, and lost to Iden Ramey, Yankton, Dec. 6-3.

145 – Andrew Eidem defeated Autin Lynde, Lennox, Def.; defeated Cody Lowe, West Central, Dec. 6-4, and lost to Josh Koch, Yankton, Fall 3:42.

152 – Tanner Mart defeated Joe Ludewig, Harrisburg, Fall 0:35; lost to Jordon Larson, SF Washington, Dec. 13-8; defeated Levi Parker, Lennox, Dec. 8-3, and defeated Paul Hunhoff, Yankton, Dec. 12-6.

160 – Chris Mart lost to Christian Ode, Brandon Valley, Fall 5:22; defeated Nathan Braaten, Yankton, Dec. 7-4; defeated Joey Brown, Harrisburg, Dec. 8-5, and lost to Ryan Teal, SF Lincoln, Dec. 4-3.

171 – Luke Heine defeated Zack Berkelo, SF Lincoln, Fall 1:48; defeated Jared Meyer, SF Washington, Fall 5:24, and defeated Jerome Hunt, West Central, Dec. 4-3.

189 – Nick Mart defeated Tyler Kaderabek, Lennox, T-Fall 16-0; lost to Devon Clark, SF Lincoln, Dec. 7-3; defeated Aaron Labrie, SF Washington, Fall 1:10, and defeated Derek Guthmiller, Yankton, Dec. 4-2.

215 – Gerrit Heine defeated Harley Navarette, Canton, M-Dec. 12-0; lost to Cody Lynde, Lennox, Fall 0:29; defeated Brice Sayler, Yankton, Fall 3:32, and defeated Nate Neuberger, Brandon Valley, Dec. 6-1.

275 Thomas Mollet defeated Eric Larsen, Harrisburg, Fall 0:41; defeated Tabor Martin, Canton, Dec. 4-2, and defeated CJ Shadbolt, SF Lincoln, M-Dec. 10-2.

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