Vucurevich Children’s Center promotes well-being

Vucurevich Children's Center promotes well-being
Vucurevich Children's Center

The mission of the Vucurevich Children's Center is to promote the continuous well-being of the children of University of South Dakota student-parents by providing quality, safe, stimulating childcare in a child-centered environment while student-parents pursue their own education in order to better provide for their families.

The curriculum at the Center focuses primarily on the developmental needs of the children and is based upon research on how young children learn. All concepts, activities, and teaching strategies are designed to foster and to enrich the intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of the children as well as to enhance the development of their social skills.

All children are provided with opportunities to develop the necessary age-appropriate skills to become independent and autonomous individuals with anti-bias attitudes.

The Vucurevich Child-ren's Center continues to operate at full capacity and has a waiting list for all age groups of children. The Center serves as many families as possible and accommodates as many children as possible through full and part-time contracts and creative scheduling. Even though the Center has low hourly rates some parents are unable to fully meet their financial obligations to the Center. The United Way of Vermillion provides continued funding for subsidies for these parents.

The Center makes every ef-fort to help parents find alternative methods of funding such as the state child care subsidy but some parents still need help. Quality, affordable child care continues to be a significant concern for low-income student-parents. United Way subsidies help student parents towards their goal of becoming self-supporting members of society.

In addition, the United Way funds to help defray the cost of providing formula and baby food for our infant room. In 2005, the Children's Center was required by the Federal Child and Adult Care Food Program to provide formula and baby food for all infants cared for at the Center. This program costs the Center approximately $375 per month. It has not been possible for the Center to pass the total cost of this program onto parents, especially low-income student-parents and still meet the mission of the Center.

For additional information about the United Way of Vermillion, please contact the office at 24 East Cherry Street, Vermillion, SD 57069 or call 605-624-5354. The email address is or visit the United Way webpage at www.unitedwayofvermil The mailing ad-dress is Box 216, Vermillion, SD 57069.

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