BF-LF expands youth program

BF-LF expands youth program

Big Friend-Little Friend, Inc. of Clay and Union counties is expanding its program by utilizing student mentors.

The volunteers will be at least 16 years old, possess good moral character, and be willing to commit to at least one year with their Little Friend. The student and parents provide three references, school references, and provide information to help match them with a younger child.

The mentors are very thoroughly vetted even before the first interview. Students will be asked to meet at least one hour/week during the match, and will be supervised by the program director, board members and their parents. Student mentors will be accepted on a case by case basis in order to best match up with a younger child. This can help by allowing volunteers an earlier opportunity to be involved, as well as adding needed volunteers

Right now, the program needs a female volunteer, either adult or student, in Hawarden, IA, to match with Amber, and one male and female are needed to match with a boy and girl in Elk Point, Clayton in North Sioux City, and boys and girls in Vermillion also are seeking to find a Big Friend. To volunteer, contact John Gille at 605-356-2571 or e-mail







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