Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations
Lions learn of Habitat program

The Feb. 21 meeting of the Vermillion Lions Club was held at the W. H. Over Museum. Guests Dr. Roy Alexander and Robert Kyte were introduced by Norm Herren and Berwyn Svoboda. New members Margaret Crew, Lionel Herrera and Marvin Walz were introduced.

Proud Lion awards were presented to Berwyn Svoboda, Bob Macy and Sue Christensen. It was announced that a cookbook from transplant recipients is being planned and recipes were solicited. Charles Roegiers spoke upon the importance of participating in Lions Club activities.

Dr. Douglas Peterson, a professor from USD, spoke about the formation of a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. Vermillion would have to affiliate with Sioux City, IA. Dr. Peterson spoke about his experiences in Kansas as a member of campus chapter affiliate.

Students are unable to build houses on their own effort so a local affiliation must be made with an already existing Humanity group. He emphasized that the Habitat for Humanity mission is very simple: to provide decent affordable housing and to eliminate substandard housing.

In order to quality for a dwelling provided by Habitat for Humanity, recipients must provide "sweat" equity by performing hundreds of hours of labor – some can be donated by friends and family, but 250 hours must be provided.

Habitat for Humanity serves as its own lender and sells completed homes at cost and low interest. Vermillion will be what is referred to as a covenant community and the Sioux City chapter will provide the finances.

Presently, seven or eight committees are being formed which will provide volunteer coordination, fund raising, assessment of needs, etc. There will also be committees formed to assist families after their home is built and occupied. Many of the recipients of Habitat homes have not had the experience of owning their own home and need help with managing their finances and other kinds of support are also given.

Over 220,000 hours have been provided over the past 20 years. When a family receives a home, they are then expected to tithe which will then provide enough dollars to build a home in another country.

Professor Peterson ended his presentation by soliciting membership on the needed committees – many Lions indicated willingness to participate in this project.

4-H hold meeting Feb. 18

The Jolly Juniors and Juniorettes met Monday, Feb. 18, at Town Square Apartments. President Jackie Hulse called the meeting to order.

Ellen Hanson gave the secretary's report and Brittany Hanson gave the treasurer's report. 4-H fruit will be available to be picked up March 13-14. There will be a take and bake day March 22.

We also entertained the residents of the Town Square Apartments and we did a Valentine craft.

Demonstrations were done by Ellen Hanson and Brittany Hanson. Ellen Hanson also did a judging school. Our next club meeting will be Monday, March 10. If you are interested in 4-H, contact the Extension office at 677-7111.

Carrie Kickland, reporter

DESA/ELAN holds 2008 meet

Members of the DESA/ELAN organization met on Sunday, Feb. 10 at the Sanford Medical Center board room for their first meeting in 2008. Members started the evening off saying the pledge.

The next order of business was to review over old business. Next new business was discussed. Members shared information about the state of Hawaii. Marley Hanson told about wildlife, Elly Miiller talked about the state map and Audry Miiller talked about tourist attractions. Ellen Hanson told about state facts and had a short-fun quiz for everyone to take.

Members crafted about 50 origami tulips that were put on the Meals on Wheels trays on Valentine's Day. Members picked the state of New York to learn about in March. It was decided to postpone the field trip planned for spring break until sometime in the summer, as quite a few of the members were going to be gone over spring break.

The evening concluded with reciting of the closing ritual. Ashley Sorensen was a guest of Ellen Hanson at the meeting. The Miillers provided Rice Krispie bars for a snack.

The next DESA/ELAN meeting is on Sunday, March 9, 7 p.m. at the Sanford Medical Center board room. Members assignments: New York State: Attractions – Marley Hanson; Wildlife – Ellen Hanson; Flag and Map – Audry Miiller; Facts – Elly Miiller and History – Kate Brockevelt.

Members are to bring an item to donate to the Sioux City Humane Society, like cat litter, laundry soap, dryer softener sheets, paper towels, 35mm film, etc.

Ellen Hanson, reporter

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