Hofman honored for volunteer work

Hofman honored for volunteer work
The National Fraternal Congress of America (NFCA) is proud to recognize Ray Hofman – a member of the Catholic Aid Association, St. Agnes Council #317, Vermillion – as a Fraternal MVP (Most Valuable Participant) for the week of March 17. Fraternal MVPs are "Fraternalists-in-Action" who volunteer their time and energy to strengthen their communities through participation in local lodge activities and other charitable endeavors.

"The NFCA wishes to salute those individuals as true fraternalists," said NFCA Chair of the Board Katharine E. Rounthwaite. "As a Fraternal MVP, Ray Hofman embodies the heart of fraternalism through his hard work, dedication and generosity."

Hofman is the financial secretary for the St. Agnes Council of Catholic Aid #317 and is the youth group director at St. Agnes. His wife, Pam, is the treasurer for their Catholic Aid group. She also helps with CYO/CCD classes each week at their church. The two work closely together at both jobs trying to keep everything running smoothly in the religious education program. At St. Agnes, Hofman serves as a Eucharistic minister for the parish.

Hofman's full-time job is with Clay County, where he works as the Veterans Service Officer, Planning & Zoning Administrator and Welfare Director. He is an elected councilman for the city of Vermillion representing the southeast ward. He has served on the council for six years and enjoys the work very much. Hofman also belongs to the American Legion where he works with Boys State nominations and the legion baseball sponsorships. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus where he is the youth committee chairman. He serves on the board of directors for the State of South Dakota Retirement System and serves on the Law Enforcements Training & Standards Commission for the State of South Dakota.

Hofman has lived in Vermillion all of his life, except for the two years that he served in the Army. He and Pam have two children that they adopted from Korea. Their son, Alex, is attending college at Mankato State in Mankato, MN, working on a degree in construction management. Their daughter, Ariel, is attending school at St. Louis University in St. Louis, MO, as a pre-med student.

Fraternal MVPs are part of the NFCA's Fraternalists-in-Action program, which recognizes individuals whose unique stories best represent 21st century fraternalism. These fraternalists demonstrate exceptional compassion and vision through their volunteer activities.

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