Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1902 Continued

It was hoped that all the business connected with getting a public library in Vermillion would have been finished last Monday evening but only three persons showed up, and nothing was done. Another meeting was set for next Monday evening at the Mason's Hall. A report on the by-laws will be given.

Don't forget the dance at Reilly's Hall tonight. That boy's really know how to manage a business. It is said there isn't a nicer hall that exists in any town of this size.

Our citizens should not forget the benefit to be given for the "Library Fund" on Saturday evening Feb. 15. The greatest of all melodramas "The Streets of New York" will be given by the Vermillion Drama Club.

Reilly Brothers are now doing business in their new building on Main Street, and an inspection of their billiard, pool and bowling alley parlors will convince everyone that they have one of the finest places of the kind in the northwest. Under their management there is no reason to believe that the business will be anything but respectable. The bowling alley tracks and Pat McClaire's bathrooms are located in the basement. McClaire's barbershop is located in the front part of the first floor, while back of this the billiard and pool tables are arranged. The second floor will be used for dancing and receptions.

Two important matters were finished at the meeting of the library association on Monday night. The by-laws were adopted. The committee is to secure rooms in the city hall, for that purpose. The library will be in operation in a couple of weeks.

The Equal Suffrage Club will celebrate Susan B. Anthony's birthday at Mrs. H. J. Austin's home on Saturday afternoon Feb. 15th. A program will be presented, refreshments will be served and a 10 cent collection will be taken.

The county Board of Health has posted notices calling attention to Sec. 16, Chapter 96, law of 1895, which provides for a fine of $100.00 or six months imprisonment in the county jail, or both, at the discretion of the court, for failure to report any smallpox cases or other contagious diseases to doctors of the Board of Health.

Residents of the city and county are hereby notified that a Pest House has been located southwest of Vermillion and that hereafter all paupers or others afflicted with small pox, whose care falls upon the county, will be removed thereto.

Officers have been elected, Articles of Incorporation filed and the general preliminary business of the Hotel Association transacted, and the stock of the company is now on sale. There has been a very generous disposition shown toward subscription of stock, but there is still considerable amount that awaits the men with patriotisms enough to invest a little money that will do more toward building the town than any one thing, and at the same time bring a satisfactory return for the investment. Property owners in Vermillion should subscribe to this enterprise. Be ready to join the others who have already put down their names.

The old landmark which has graced the Lathrop corner for the past twenty-one years has been removed to the bottom, having been purchased by Ed Putnam, who will use it in connection with his boat business this spring. On the old site preparatory work will soon begin for that modern hotel which our energetic men propose shall be erected at once.

The county commissioners and city council have together leased the Verzani building in North Vermillion which will be used in the future as a city and county hospital. The house is a comfortable one, and will be fixed up to meet the needs of patients who may wish to go there for treatment.

The mud was so deep on the bottom last Thursday that Carrier Aust was obliged to abandon Mail Route 3 for that day.

Architects Parsons and Matson are working on plans for the new hotel. There are still a number of names to be placed for stock, but the committee wants everything in readiness when a sufficient amount of stock has been subscribed.

The Board of Health wishes to announce that the small pox scare is over and that there is no further danger.

Two prominent citizens of Meckling engaged in a fistic encounter this week but no one was seriously injured. One of the participants was knocked into a mud puddle, and when emerged there from was pretty well cooled off.

Now with it being the month of March, it is the accepted time to clean the cisterns before the spring rains begin. It is a little early for house cleaning, but this will come in due time.

At a meeting of the waterworks committee held recently, it was decided to put every patron of the company on a meter and dispense with the flat rate service. The water company has never paid a cent dividend since organized and the change is made to end this.

Ladies night at Reilley Brothers' bowling alley last evening was well attended.

The farmers living between this city and Centerville are discussing the proposition of building an electric railway between the 23 cities. It is proposed to make it a farmer's company, each farmer along the route taking stock.

Enough residences are being built to keep the carpenters busy the entire season.

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