Tanager boys’ basketball has roller coaster season

Tanager boys' basketball has roller coaster season

The Tanager boys' basketball season was a roller coaster ride – like travel with alternating wins and losses through mid-season when they finally had a winning streak of five games before suffering a closely played loss in the District 8A finals (against the Huskies from Elk Point/Jefferson.) They finished with a respectable 12- record.

The senior laden team was led by Jordan Boots who scored 522 points during the 21 game season. He was followed in scoring by Broc Gauer (310). The leading assist leader was Alex Schaack with a recorded 93, followed by Gauer with 65. Gauer was also the rebound leader with 144, Mikal Ustad had 85 and Schaack – 80. The team had 128 steals led by Gauer (34), Boots (26), Schaack (22) and Jerrod Freidel (21).

Jerrod's season was terminated when he had an appendectomy a couple weeks before the district tournament. An unfortunate blow to the team as his presence was limited to the bench at the end of the season.

Coach Jason Huska reflected on the season – "I am very proud of all our basketball players this year. The kids played hard and improved all season." He said, "I am thankful for our senior leadership. These kids committed themselves and got to where we wanted to be going into tournament play. We came up short in the tournament but it can't take away the big wins these seniors have had in their careers. I am confident these kids will go on to accomplish great things and I wish them all the best of luck," he said.







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