A conversation with culinary expert Danielle Edmonds

A conversation with culinary expert Danielle Edmonds
Meet Taste of Home Cooking School culinary specialist Danielle Edmonds. Danielle conducts cooking schools throughout the United States. In an average year, Edmonds can put 40,000 miles on her car traveling to towns like Vermillion to share her passion for cooking with people just like you! "Balancing the travel schedule and my personal life can definitely be a challenge, but it's worth it to see the excitement people share for cooking," said Danielle. She had a few thoughts to share.

What's the number one thing to keep in mind when cooking?

"I always say cooking should be enjoyable first and foremost! If you're not having fun in the kitchen, try changing things up a bit. When I get into a cooking slump, I always try a new recipe, something that is out of the ordinary for me to prepare. I also make sure it's something that makes my mouth water! I figure if my mouth is watering, I must be excited to cook it!"

What are some handy helpers you keep in your kitchen?

"For preparation I find it helpful to have a sharp chef's knife, various cutting mats, heat-resistant spatulas and skillets with tight-fitting lids. I also keep a variety of things on hand for after the meal – inevitably, I always wind up with leftovers!

"So I keep an assortment of different sized plastic bags and plastic storage containers to fill with leftovers," she said. "One helpful trick I've found is to fill a few smaller containers with the leftovers and freeze them. They make very convenient lunches on busy days!"

What's your favorite recipe you'll be preparing at the show?

"Well, honestly, I love them all! However, if I had to choose a favorite, it would be the Chocolate Almond Dessert Crepes – they are sweet and satisfying. They also have chocolate, which I love!"

What's your favorite part of the cooking school experience?

"I think the energy of the room is my favorite. It's so encouraging to see people as passionate about cooking as I am!" Danielle said she is looking forward to coming to Vermillion. "We're going to have a lot of fun at this event! Trust me, you don't want to miss it!"

The Taste of Home Cooking School "Swing Into Spring" show will be held on Thursday, April 17, at the Vermillion High School with doors opening at 4 p.m. "We're sold out, so get there early to find seats," said Heather Heimes of the Broadcaster Press.

There will be over 30 vendors at Vermillion's first ever Taste of Home Cooking School. Jones' Food Center will be featuring Cakes by Monica, Mister Smith's Bakery and Jones' Ace Hardware.

Also attending as a vendor is Sanford Vermillion Medical Center which will provide cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar screenings.

Mary Kay and Avon will be presenting new spring and summer lines of makeup. Ava Morgan, a new business in downtown Vermillion, will have spring fashions on display. Check out the jewelry displays at Changeable Charm Jewelry, Premier Design Jewelry and Janes Handcrafted Jewelry.

Etched Impressions by Angie will feature etched glass, crystal, mirror, marble, ceramic, metal and wood. Linda's Angel Crossing will showcase kids' clothing. Arm Candy Purses will have purses available for purchase, from conservative and classic to eccentric and fun. Whispering Creek Log Homes will have information on Ward Creek Log Homes.

Norwex Cleaning Supplies will show you how to clean without chemicals! Also check out the Home & Garden, Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple booths. And wait until you see the Signature Home Styles and First Impressions booths.

Check out the Vermillion High School Greece fund raising booth. Purchase food and drinks or try delicious samples at the Jones' Food Center, Cherry Street Grille, Hy-Vee, Make Take N Bake and EcoWater booths. Taste of Home Entertaining and our national sponsors, Gallo, McCormick and Viva, will also be on display. And don't forget about the Kaiser Appliance & Refrigeration booth – they are giving away a new microwave during the show!

Daycare is also being provided in the main gym beginning at 4 p.m. – $10 per child includes pizza, cookie decorating and activities.

We look forward to having a GREAT time!

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