Glacial Lakes distributes dividends

Glacial Lakes distributes dividends
Glacial Lakes Corn Processors has announced that they have declared a $0.0413 per unit distribution for members of record as of Aug. 31, 2007. GLCP is a 4,000+ member cooperative based in Watertown, that owns and operates Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC a 100 mgy+ newly expanded production facility in Watertown, Aberdeen Energy, LLC a 100 mgy+ production facility near Mina slated for start-up May 2008; Madison Energy, LLC a grain elevator in Madison, MN; Missouri Valley Energy, LLC a proposed ethanol plant near Meckling and has ownership in Granite Falls Energy and Redfield Energy and serves as the managing partner of Redfield Energy.

Once Aberdeen Energy is completed, GLCP's ethanol production capacity will increase from 100 million gallons per year to 214.5 million gallons per year.

As of Fiscal Year End Aug. 31, 2007, GLCP has generated audited net profits of $30.1 million or $.175 per share outstanding. This income has been generated on production capacity of 64.5 million gallons per year at GLE and its subsidiaries.

Tom Branhan, CEO stated, "The management and staff at GLE have worked diligently over the past year to make GLE as profitable and efficient as possible. We are very pleased that we are able to return more than $7.8 million to our members which is impressive in today's challenging business

climate," said Tom Branhan, CEO.

Chairman of the Board, Jon T. Anderson indicated, "The board of directors has strived to make it possible to pay out a cash distribution to our membership again this year," said Jon T. Anderson, chairman of the board. "The GLCP Board of Directors and I are proud of the past years performance and look forward to another great year this year."

The dividend checks will be available to the membership at the annual meeting to be held at on April 1, in Watertown. Those who are unable to attend the annual meeting will receive their dividend check via mail shortly thereafter.

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