Peaceful protest

To the editor:

During the week of April 21-25, students on the campus of The University of South Dakota will be joining college students across the nation in peacefully protesting against state laws and campus policies that prohibit concealed handgun license holders from carrying their concealed firearms on college campuses.

We believe that licensed individuals legally permitted to carry concealed handguns virtually everywhere else in the state of South Dakota, from office buildings to movie theaters, should be allowed the same measure of personal security on college campuses.

This will be a peaceful protest. The nature of the protest will be limited to students wearing empty holsters and handing out flyers.

The significance of the empty holsters is to symbolize that students, faculty and guests are left defenseless on college campuses; therefore, no protestor will carry anything resembling a firearm in his or her holster.

Protestors will not carry signs or banners, and nobody will make any attempt to disturb the peace. Protestors will simply go about their daily routines while wearing holsters, which, in both appearance and function, differ only slightly from cell phone holsters.

You may learn more about this protest by visiting www.ConcealedCampus.com.


Jonathan M. Edwards

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