Follow safety rules

To the editor:

Our city continues to have dangerous traffic situations when it comes to dropping off and picking up our children at the schools. The Vermillion School District has tried to address this matter with parents numerous times this year.

However, parents persist in jeopardizing their own children's safety by parking on the opposite side of the street forcing them to walk into traffic. I am afraid that there will have to be a serious accident in order for these parents to wake up and actually adhere to the one-way directional route around the schools.

My hope is that it will not have to come to that. But, it seems inevitable as the children just dart out of nowhere and do not look in either direction. We have enough of this going on with the children that walk home; as they already carelessly run out into the streets and ignore crosswalks (that is another issue with parents educating their children regarding traffic safety). Now, there would be no problem if these parents would just conform to the way the school has this set up for the children's safety.

Or, even going so far if compelled to park on the opposite side; to go get your children and then cross the street with them (as I see some parents do). I would even agree to a seasonal "one-way only" during the school year on all the streets around the school if it helped alleviate the problem.

Unfortunately, it seems as though these parents choose to either disregard, pay no attention to, or just plainly do not care about the problem that they create. It is not that difficult nor is it too much of an inconvenience to do this.

I am pleading to all parents to please follow the school's traffic patterns for the safety of all the children!

Heather Campbell

Welcome Sister City

To the editor:

The relationship between Ratingen, Germany and Vermillion dates back to 1976, the Bicentennial of the United States, when Mr. Otto Bartsch, then Stadtjugendpleger of the city of Ratingen, brought 125 youth and adults to the city of Vermillion. This first visit encouraged hundreds of Ratingen youth to visit Vermillion in following years, and in 1982 the city of Vermillion and the city of Ratingen began an official "Sister City" relationship. The Sister City program has served a multitude of South Dakota and German citizens during the following 26 years, largely due to the efforts of Vermillion residents Werner Kitzler and Benno Wymar.

April 10 to April 16, 2008, we are pleased to welcome and host in our community Ratingen Mayor Harald Birkenkamp, Frau Sara Gé rg, Frau Dr. Inge Ré hnelt, Frau Monika Ebling, Frau Christa Seher-Schneid and Frau Christine Roth.

A committee of Vermillion residents has been working for over three months planning activities and events for our German friends.

I encourage all Vermillion area residents to roll out the welcome mats and participate in embracing these Sister City representatives as they tour and interact in our community.

Thank you,

Dan Christopherson,
Mayor of Vermillion

What does God think?

To the editor:

I just wonder what God thinks of some of these neighbors that got their farms free (or at least a lot of the land) that their parents and grandparents worked so hard to get, and then have their children or grandchildren sell it to somebody they didn't even know for some undisclosed purpose and use. Hyperion wouldn't tell any body what they were going to do with the thousands of acres of Union County land they attempted to acquire. It shows that people have little or no respect for what they get for free or nearly free!

The actions caused by Hyperion have helped break up the churches that our forefathers worked so hard for, and these people don't apparently have any guilt about it. They also break up the neighborhood and don't seem to care. We now have very few neighbors and friends. They divide the whole county!

I am 87 years old and won't be here much longer. I can't even have my funeral in my own church because of all the tension. What a way to have to leave this world!

I was born in and have been a member of the church all my life. And I will say that I hate trouble and tension; I like to be friendly. I will not let Hyperion push more than so far, and they have done that. Help stop Hyperion! The voters of Union County should vote NO and save our land for the future generations.

Glenn Hanson
Elk Point

Show respect

To the editor:

Some advice to parents. Please don't let your kids run toward and try to grab a strange dog or cat. Maybe the animal is afraid of kids. I have a dog that was abused by kids when she was a puppy. She loves them once she gets to know them, but when there are three or four kids running and grabbing at her she gets scared of them.

She isn't aggressive or mean – she is just scared of them when they treat her like that. I know other animal owners in Vermillion that are having the same problem. It's like if you were walking down the street and three strangers came running at you with their hands out trying to grab you – would you get scared of them! Parents, if your kids love animals – adopt one for them from a shelter. People ask me if they can pet my dogs and I say �no!� Then they automatically think the pet is mean! No – not mean – just mine! There are some kids who have never been taught to respect animals. I don't want them to be mean to my pets.

You don't run at any animal with your hands out at them. Hopefully with all the people in Vermillion that walk dogs, others will show some respect to the humans and the pets. Remember to pick up after the animals – and the kids.

S. Koob

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