Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
Go Yotes!

To the Coyote women's basketball team and coaches:

Today when we went to join the crowd that welcomed you home, we saw tears. We hope they were tears of joy because you have given us the best season of basketball we have ever had the pleasure to watch.

To the seniors, Ashley, thanks for all of your comebacks, Jeana and Jenna, thanks for transferring to the university so we could watch you for two years (wish it could have been four), Shannon, also for transferring to The U. and all of the drives to the basket.

Chad, it's going to take a while to get used to not seeing you on the sidelines.

We have followed the Coyotes for 13 seasons, and have seen the good and the not so good! To beat North Dakota three times in one season, wow! To be able to follow you to the Elite Eight was a privilege and pleasure.

The win against Delta State was quite a game to watch. We are sad for the team because we didn't beat Northern Kentucky, but to us, you are national champions.

To the rest of our great Coyote team, see you at the Dome when the 2008-09 season starts.

Go Yotes!

Barb and Lyle Weyhrich,

Not neighborly

To the editor:

If Hyperion would have told our neighbors that it was a dirty oil refinery that they wanted to build on our very green productive agricultural land, they never would have been able to acquire the options on enough land to even attempt to rezone. They say they have options on other locations, but they won't tell us so I doubt they have any or it would not be a secret!

If the 12 million gallons of water every day they use is cleaner going out of the plant than going in, then where is all the poison in the dirty tar sands oil going? It has to be into the air where we will breathe it and into our land from which we will drink the poisoned water and which will no longer grow our food.

Where will all of our neighbors go that will be displaced because they cannot live close to such a facility? Doesn't anyone think about them? Whose neighborhood will be next (or even last) to be taken?

They will take our clean air, clean water and clean land and develop it into concrete, asphalt and steel! No one in a position of authority has insisted that this be done in an orderly and planned fashion with the proper evaluation of the effects on our infrastructure or environment, and they have not forced them to have a restoration plan and/or protection for the neighbors if damage for miles adjacent to the plant that will inevitably happen occurs similar to what recently occurred in Texas.

I realize money is worth more than your health to some, but not to all. We like to live where the air, water and land are clean! Money cannot buy or restore that once it is lost!

Burdette Hanson
Elk Point

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