An ode to Hyperion

Your supporters think the opposition is old and staid, Of change and progress we're supposedly afraid. How tacky of us, how positively uncouth, To possess the audacity to question your truth.

Fear mongering and spreading confusion, that's got to be it, Why else dislike a refinery that's such a hit. Jobs and development is the public relations bent, Just be quiet and stop your dissent.

Can't you realize this is all about cash, Moving in from areas so bold and brash. The company is a savior, technicians to behold, Too bad about the people whose lives are on hold.

Thousands of acres are now Texas bounty, It might even be possible to buy a county. Politicians, committees, city councils think it's first rate, So an oil refinery must be great.

I'll grant you that's the spin, but if I dare, What about the environment, especially our air. The application available in Vermillion for study, Doesn't seem to make you my good neighbor, my buddy.

Potential pollutants number 7, 160 tons of harmful array, Spewed into air that's now fresh and clean at the end of each day. I know I shouldn't worry about this and just be a honey, Considering the possibility of jobs and so much money.

But I must persist in talking about all that gunk, What is economic development if the air is junk? Will you be living in Spink, with our surroundings in ruins, Probably not – after all, there's always Dakota Dunes.

The plans are lofty and the rhetoric does soar, Even though you've never built a refinery before. "Get your head out of the sand, Liz" someone will whine, I say get your head out of your aspiration for something to refine.

Liz Merrigan

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