Life will be sweet on Cherry Street Construction Update

Life will be sweet on Cherry Street Construction Update
Workers from D&G Concrete Construction, Inc. and other contractors completed the following work on the Cherry Street reconstruction project from April 21-25.

  • Sanitary sewer services from Jefferson Street to Norbeck Street is complete.
  • Removals from Jefferson Street to Plum Street progressing.

  • Qwest working on relocating phone lines.
  • Removals, undercut and fill on turn lane Highway 19 South.
  • Traffic signal working on Princeton and Cherry.
  • No parking on Princeton from Cherry Street to Pamida entrance.

    Work planned for April 28-May 2:

  • Removals North Side Jefferson Street to Plum Street.
  • Sanitary Sewer North side Jefferson Street to Plum Street.
  • Continue removals/fill on turn lane Highway 19 South.


  • Speed limit is 25 mph through the construction project. Speeding violations are and will continue to be issued during the construction season by the Vermillion Police Department.
  • Do not add, remove or relocate barrels, barricades, signs, temporary business signs, etc. on the construction site. If concerns arise, please contact D&G Concrete Construction or the DOT for evaluation.
  • Temporary driveways are being constructed. If anyone has any concerns about the driveway or problems with semi deliveries, please contact the DOT and other arrangements can be discussed.
  • Updates on construction progress and changes will be available online at
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