Phyllis hates tracking checks and balances

Phyllis hates tracking checks and balances
Phyllis hates numbers, she says.

I knew about that when I let her take over the checkbook when we decided that she should know more about our finances in case something happens to me. It was just good planning I thought.

That's where I made my mistake!

I knew that Phyllis was multi-tasked. She can feed the cats, get me out of bed, comb her hair, fix breakfast, fill the bird-feeders, do laundry and do it all while I am just tying my shoes.

She kept our checkbook once before, when I was in Korea doing my duty. I sent most of my paychecks home for her to deposit.

That was when our bank was charging us interest each month. But Phyllis didn't care about those insignificant amounts and didn't deduct them.

I wondered why our bank account showed less than it should have – but I was too busy censoring stuff for the U.S. Eight Army to care about our bank balance.

After all, we had a war to fight, and Phyllis would take care of my pittance. When I got home finally, I straightened out our account – with the proviso that Phyllis never again have anything to do with our checkbook. That made her very happy as she relinquished it to me without a fuss.

That was some 56 years ago, and it's been perfectly fine for us – as long as I do the paper work.

Now it's time for her to become involved again – only this time I will keep an eye open for any sign of trouble. Korea was bad enough without the bookkeeping problems.

I think wives should have a better idea of what comes in and what goes out, and the best way would be to have a little checkbook experience – that is if the numbers don't scare them like they do Phyllis.

Of course, maybe she's smarter than I am and just doesn't want another job.

Come to think of it, maybe she doesn't have a fear of numbers at all; she's just using them to avoid another assignment. She's said many times that if you learn something, you always get stuck with it whether you want to or not. That's why she never pumps gas. (I don't know how, she argues.)

I don't buy the pumping gas argument; but if a wife wants to learn about the family's business, a good way to start is sharing the checkbook!

© 2008 Robert F. Karolevitz

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