The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Seniors start off season strong

On April 8, the seniors played their first session with some respectable scores recorded. First and second place scores were 36s. The team of Ross King, Lloyd Helseth and Louie Fostvedt had the better score through the tie breaker over the team of Turk Pilker, Vern Holter, Jim Grabowski and Jim Reed.

Coming in third with a 37 was the team of Dave Raabe, Dick Kellog, Elmer Mount and Bob Lund. Some outstanding long putts appeared on this first outing of the season. The granddaddy putt of the day went to Louie Fostvedt with a 74 foot birdie on the #8.

Another long birdie putt of 45 feet was dropped by Rod Tieman at #5. Ross King sank a 48-foot birdie at #4.

Elmer Mount thrilled his team with a 27-foot par putt during the day's actions. A total of 21 golfers participated in this opening session.

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