United Way supports Center for Children and Families

United Way supports Center for Children and Families
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United Way of Vermillion is supporting 19 agencies and programs in 2008 including The Center for Children and Families located at 505 Stanford in Vermillion.

The goal of The Center for Children and Families is to provide excellent care to all children while helping to stimulate their social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills. The Center strives to make the environment fun and educational: an environment which allows children many opportunities to grow and learn.

The Center believes that the family network is the foundation from which all children learn to love and grow. It also strives to implement family values throughout its daily activities.

The United Way support is used to fund a special summer program for the children. Students from The University of South Dakota are brought in to teach the children about science, art and much more. The funds are also used to purchase all the extra supplies that are needed for the summer program. The program is open to other school-age children in the community.

The United Way support is also used to help keep parent fees as low as possible so that more parents can take advantage of quality childcare for their children. It will also be used to provide age-appropriate active and educational opportunities for all children at the Center. Some of the funds will be used to add supplies for the expansion of the program into the new addition.

CFCF has received $198,000 from Housing and Urban Development and a grant of two Governor's Day Care Centers to be added to the current building on the north side. However, it is estimated that the basement and structural changes (including a required elevator) for the new addition will cost about $300,000. The Center cannot afford additional loans.

Thus, the board will be seeking another $100,000 in grant funding for capital improvements. The board has decided that due to lack of funding they must cut the project back to only one Governor's Day Care Center addition.

With the rising cost of construction, it will still cost the same amount of money to put in one day care center as opposed to two day care centers. Once the additions are in place, The University of South Dakota Pre-Birth through Five Program would be able to be housed at the Center.

Due to cutting back to one house, we will not be able to expand our current program as much as we would have liked to but the additional space will be utilized by reassigning current classes and adding space for the USD Head Start program.

United Way of Vermillion is currently taking applications for 2009 funding. To be eligible, an agency must be incorporated and operate as a non-profit, tax-exempt charity or under a local government agency, gifts to which are deductible by the donor for federal income tax purposes according to the Internal Revenue Service Code subsection 501(c).

Agencies must operate in the health, social service, recreation, character building and/or cultural development fields. Each agency must meet minimum program and management standards as defined in United Way of Vermillion's Evaluation Criteria. The application deadline is April 30.

For additional information about the United Way of Vermillion, please contact the office at 24 East Cherry Street, Vermillion, SD 57069 or call 605-624-5354. The e-mail address is u.wv@hotmail.com or visit the United Way Webpage at www.unitedwayofvermillion.org. The mailing address is Box 216, Vermillion, SD 57069.

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