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Clubs and Organizations Ladies Auxiliary meets May 20 The regular meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary to Clay Post #3061 was held Tuesday evening, May 20 with President Delores Gregg presiding. Roll call of officers was taken and recorded. Chaplain Opal Smith offered the opening prayer. Minutes of the previous meeting were read, corrected and approved. The treasurer��?s report was accepted as printed. Invoices were presented and approved for payment. Committee reports were on bingo playing at the nursing home and cribbage playing with veterans at the nursing home. Civic Council reported on its grand opening, hospital equipment on loan, Road to Recovery and hospice. Barbara Kronaizl installed new officers for the ensuing year as follows: President Donna Schafer, Sr. Vice Delores Gregg, Jr. Vice Marcene Tiahrt, Treasurer Bonnie Albers, Secretary Barbara Kronaizl, Chaplain Opal Smith, Conductress Erna Carlson, Guard Marjorie Christensen, three year Trustee Donna Dee Petersen. Delegates and alternates were selected for department convention. Plans were made to put out and remove the flags for our deceased VFW Auxiliary sisters. The meeting adjourned to reopen, June 17.

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