Howe feels at home as new VCDC leader

Howe feels at home as new VCDC leader By: David Lias By David Lias Plain Talk This week has flashed by like a whirlwind for Steve Howe. Heâ�?�?s currently learning the ropes of his new job as executive director of the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Company. His first day in his new office was Monday, May 5. Itâ�?�?s a challenging time, to be sure. But one factor makes his transition into the new job much easier. He knows Vermillion from the ground up. He grew up here, attended elementary and high school here, and graduated with a degree in business from The University of South Dakota. He spent some time away â�?�? serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, and working various jobs in Chicago, IL and in New Mexico. â�?�?Thereâ�?�?s a lot going on. Weâ�?�?ve been in a transition period at the VCDC without a full-time executive director for several months now, so Iâ�?�?m finding myself in the position of finding out the status of all of our various projects,â�? he said. He returned to South Dakota to work as a loan processor for Wells Fargo, and eventually returned to Vermillion where he was employed in USD the Admissions Office. He also ran his own business, becoming involved in a local property service. â�?�?I always see Vermillion as a place of opportunities,â�? he said. â�?�?Sometimes you have to work a little harder to find them, but they are there.â�? One of the latest opportunities he successfully secured is his new job. â�?�?I felt that now was the time (to apply),â�? he said.

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