Items on display at W. H. Over Museum

Items on display at W. H. Over Museum The Friends of the W. H. Over Museum are proud to announce two new additions to the museum��?s collections and four new exhibits. Andre Larson recently donated a red line quilt to the museum��?s quilt collection. The quilt was sewn by the ladies of the Vermillion Methodist Church in 1897. The quilt is in excellent condition and is currently being displayed in the Lobby Guest Exhibit Case. A similar quilt sewn in 1931 hangs in the community room at the Methodist Church. Wood working and stone cutting tools belonging to the Over family were recently donated by Mr. Robert Over of Pekin, IL. The tool chest and many of the tools came from England when the first of the Over Family immigrated to the United States. Several of the tools date back to early 1800s and two may have been made in the 1700s. The tools are in excellent condition and include stone cutting chisels which were used by Over relatives to cut and illuminate grave stones and building facades. The tools represent a major addition to the museum��?s historical and cultural collections. The following collections were recently placed on exhibit at the museum: 1. Rex Anderson��?s carpentry tools (early to middle 1900) which were donated last month by Lloyd Helseth, on display in the Guest Collections Exhibit in the North Gallery; 2. Nurse dolls from the collection of JoAnn Tieman; 3. Over family tools (circa 1700s and 1800s) donated by Robert Over, on display in the Collections Lab Window Exhibit; 4. Miniature Hip Roof Barn, silos, and water tank constructed by Don Frosch, a Guest Collections displayed in the entry to the North Gallery; 5. Historical artifacts found on Over family excursions (recently donated by the Over Family), exhibited in the North Gallery; and 6. the 1897s Red Line Quilt, on exhibit in the Lobby Guest Collection Case. The Friends of the W. H. Over Museum cordially invite the public to come out to the museum and see the above additions and exhibits. The museum is open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily except Sunday. Individuals or groups wishing to display collections or utilize Sletwood Hall should call 605-677-5228 to make arrangements. The W.H. Over Museum is totally operated, managed and financed by the Friends of W. H. Over Museum, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. You are always welcome at the Over Museum.

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