Savings fund receives funding

Savings fund receives funding The Dakota Dream Savings Fund is a statewide matched savings account designed to help families and individuals establish a pattern of regular saving and, ultimately, purchase a â�?�?productive asset.â�? A â�?�?productive assetâ�? is something of value that is likely to return substantial long-term benefits to its owner â�?�? benefits like security, stability and opportunities for increased income. Participants are required to meet financial and program guidelines such as financial literacy training. The Dakota Dream Savings Fund matches $3 for every $1 saved. This means that if you save $2000, you will receive a match of $6000. Funding is made possible by the Northwest Area South Dakota Fund, a partnership between the South Dakota Community Foundation and the Northwest Area Foundation, Citigroup Foundation, South Dakota Housing Development Authority, and the Office for Community Servicesâ�?�? Asset for Independence Grant. Savings Fund participants may use their savings and match money toward any of the following three assets: a first home, small business start-up/expansion or post-secondary education. Sign up today! Call your local Community Action Program or 1-888-201-1161; or visit the webpage for more information: Equal Opportunity Organization

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