Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1905 continued By Cleo Erickson Robert Thompsonâ�?�?s home on the bottom was burned to the ground on Tuesday morning. The origin of the blaze is unknown, though it is presumed a defective chimney did the business.�?  Thompson carried $300.00 insurance on the building.�?  The household goods were saved. There is a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the sidewalks since the anti-spitting ordinance went into force.�? No arrests have yet been made and it is hoped none will be necessary.�? â�?�?Donâ�?�?t spitâ�? placards have been posted throughout the city calling attention to the ordinance. If the city can make proper arrangements with the county, a cell room in the county jail will be leased for the incarceration of city prisoners.�? This will save the up stairs rooms in the city hall and save the expense of moving the cage. Donâ�?�?t deposit dead animals along the bank of the Vermillion River. Health Officer Cotton has been taking an excursion up the river locating the dead carcasses that throng its banks, and notifying the owners to remove them. Vermillion will spend $1000.00 on the 4th of July this year. No expense will be spared for entertainment.�?  There will be something for everyone.�? Many races will be held, the band concert in front of the Waldorf, foot races, boys pony race, a novelty race, clay pigeon shoot and at 10 a.m. all will see and enjoy â�?�?The Parade of the Ragmuffinsâ�?.�? To top off the day, a magnificent display of fire works will be held for all to enjoy. A bowery dance will be in progress on the courthouse lawn the afternoon and evening of the 4th. The music will be furnished by Violinist Koch of Burbank, assisted by his daughter at the piano, Harry and Burdette Elmore cornet and clarinet. West Hall, the oldest structure on campus, went up in smoke at 4 oâ�?�?clock the 4th of July 1905.�?  Vermillionâ�?�?s firebug got in his work at 4 a.m.. Only 4 walls remain.�? The loss is fully covered with insurance for a total amount of $16,000.00. $15,000 was on West Hall and $1,000.00 on the contents. No one insurance company will be a very heavy looser, as the insurance is divided between a dozen companies.�? This is the third mysterious fire in the city in the past three weeks.�? In each instance a firebug was responsible. His honor the mosquito has taken full possession of the lawns of the city during these evenings. It is almost impossible to stay out of doors on account of these pests, and smidges are numerous but not efficient. The Royal English Gypsy Palmist is now located in rooms opposite the city hall opera house where she will be pleased to meet the business men and women and those thrown on their own resources.�? The Royal Gypsy will give you correct advice on all affairs without asking you any questions, better than you can tell it yourself.�?  Please call at once if you wish advice, as her stay is limited. The Royal Gypsy is a peacemaker to all mankind. The city council held an adjourned session last Monday evening. Among other things the council purchased from the township the street grader that has been owned collectively for several years. The township had purchased a new machine and offered the old one for $40.00, which amount the city thought it could save by having the grader ready for use at any time. As a reminder of frontier days, a huge wildcat prowled around the residence of Will House on the bottom one night last week.�?  He had been driven from his lair along the river. He frightened several neighbors, but when Will shouldered the gun nothing but his mammoth paw tracks could be seen. This is the first wildcat reported in several years. Two Vermillion girls went to Sioux City one night last week to take in the sights.�?  They were detained by a policeman who upon asking them their business was told to mind his own. He did so and as a result the young misses spent the remainder of the evening in the Good Shepherdâ�?�?s Home.�? They returned home the following morning.�? As this is their first offense, no names are given. All the plumbers in the city have had all they could do this summer putting in modern improvements in Vermillion homes. The writer took a flyer with Dr. Collins in his auto Tuesday night, and found out what it was to ride 30 miles an hour. The ice cream social by the Maccabees on the courthouse lawn for the benefit of Mrs. A. V. Ferry was well patronized.�? The net proceeds were $23.00. Mrs. Ferry a widow with 4 young children to provide for was left with no home as the home went up in flames quickly from a fire started in the kitchen range.�?  Neighbors with willing hands carried out the furnishing and most of the clothing. Vermillion residents are generous and started to raise funds to replace the home and a number of laborers are ready to donate their time to rebuild a home for the family without extra expense to Mrs. Ferry. The Palace Market started two meat wagons into the country Tuesday morning for the purpose of serving meat at the homes of farmers during the busy season. The toot of the threshing engine can be heard almost any morning at daybreak summoning the crews to be up and doing.�?  These are busy days for the farmer, and he can hardly find time to eat and sleep. Cards are out for the marriage of Roy C. Davis and Miss Fern McGinnis, which will occur at the brideâ�?�?s home at 7 oâ�?�?clock next Monday morning. George W. Scott, the barber has rented residence property in northwest Vermillion and expects to move his family to Vermillion shortly.�?  Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Vermillion Plain Talk published in 1905-1905. 2009 will mark the 150th birthday of the city of Vermillion. Each week until the sesquicentennial celebration, this column will present notable historic information pertaining to the city and surrounding areas.

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