Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights By: Cleo Erickson Clay County Among Oldest Permanent Settlements 1904 WANTED:�? A girl to work for her board and room and go to school.�? Mrs. McCallough. The ladies of the Congregational Church, through the aid society, have purchased a Kimball piano for the church by means of securing 240 subscriptions for the Argus Leader.�? The piano has been shipped from the factory and will be used in Sunday school and concert work. For Sale:�? 7 acres of land, 7-room house, artesian well, a real bargain for $2,500.�?  Contact John Morrison, Vermillion. There will be a special meeting of the WCTU at the rest room in the library building on Friday afternoon, Oct. 7, at 3 oâ�?�?clock.�? A pressing invitation is extended to all members to be present. The ladies will give a graphophone social at the Fairview schoolhouse, Friday evening, Oct. 28.�?  Refreshments will be served and proceeds will go to the library rest room.�? Two graphophones will furnish the program. Mayor Ferry is having all the cross walks along Main Street to University kept clean during the muddy weather.�? Marshall Beckett takes charge of the business district and street commissioner Morten the resident portion. The library will be kept open Sunday afternoons from 3-5.�? This is good news for those who want to while away a couple of hours to some purpose during the fall and winter months. 1905 Invitations were mailed yesterday for the marriage of Martin L. Thompson to Miss Robin Bell.�? The happy event will take place at the Congregational Church, Wednesday morning, Jan. 18, 1905 at 10 oâ�?�?clock.�? Rev. Dibble officiating. The mercury did some fancy tumbling and then again some jumping last week.�? Two days after Christmas, it registered 15 degrees below zero.�? Three days later the mercury was dancing somewhere around 70 degrees above. The Waldorf hotel has several well-appointed bathrooms where either ladies or gentlemen may take baths.�? Moderate rates and conveniences not to be had elsewhere in Vermillion. The Vermillion Barbers Union held another love feast Monday evening and agreed to adopt a blacklist.�?  In the future, members of the Union will not accept as regular customers men who leave debts at other shops. Wanted:�? Plain sewing.�?  Inquire of Mrs. L. P. Brewster, across the street from the Central School building. During the past year, Trinity Lutheran Church has received 20 new members into its fold. University classes were dismissed Wednesday morning to give professors and students an opportunity to attend the Thompson-Bell nuptials. It is reported that the doctors have entered into an agreement to charge $1.50 for visits made after 8 oâ�?�?clock in the evening and also to charge extra for night calls in the country.�?  The proposed additional charge for night calls is made to encourage business during daylight hours. An effort will be made at this session of the legislature to pass a bill making it necessary to file with the county clerk every birth and death. The more a town grows, the greater business it does in the value of your property whether you live in town or not.�? The man who patronizes the city department stores in preference to his home merchants, may save a few pennies, but he is detracting from the wealth of his own community. Collins and Sons have finished putting up 1500 tons of ice and now await the summer patronage.�?  The ice this year is crystal clear. The City Council at their Monday meeting, decided to tile the bottomland around the pumping station, in order to drain the backwater that lays around the reservoirs.�? This, it is thought, will do much to improve the quality of the water.�? The University authorities have asked the privilege of attaching to the city sewer and offered to bear the extra expense necessitated by enlarging the sewer pipes. A son of regulation weight came to gladden the home of James�? Dunlap on Tuesday afternoon. About 50 conversions, a quickened religious zeal, a more solid working body, are among the good things accomplished by the series of revival meetings concluded at the Baptist Church last Sunday evening. A trolley line is proposed to run an electric line from Sioux City via Dalesburg to Volin or Wakonda.�? The proposition is taking shape and at this writing it seems most certain that the road will be built. Part of the foundation under the veranda of the Hotel Waldorf was washed out by recent rains.�? Workmen are repairing the damage. The ladies of the Congregational Church will serve a 15 cent supper on March 29 from 4:30-6:30.�? The ladies are requested to come early and enjoy a social afternoon. Enough members have been secured for the organization of the Order of The Ladies of The Maccabees and the camp will be instituted next Friday evening. Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Yankton Press & Dakotan published in 1904-1905. 2009 will mark the 150th birthday of the city of Vermillion. Each week until the sesquicentennial celebration, this column will present notable historic information pertaining to the city and surrounding areas.

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