Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights By Cleo Erickson Excerpts taken from the Plain Talk 1904 continued The Vermillion Fire Department receives a neat sum this year as its share of state money distributed to Volunteer Fire Departments. The amount given to our fire fighters is $143.11. Next Sunday morning at the Lutheran church the pastor will confirm five candidates in the Norwegian language. In the evening the English language will be substituted and a class of eight candidates are to be confirmed. The street sprinkler was pressed into service last Friday for the first time this spring. Last year there was no need for street sprinkling, but conditions have changed since then. A soda fountain opening will be something of an innovation which the Red Cross Pharmacy will spring on the public on Friday evening. A sumptuous bill of drinks, many of which the most confirmed soda drinker is a stranger to, is offered for the occasion. Printed cards bearing a list of the delicacies are at hand for the convenience of customers. Captain Ole Byrenson has his ferryboat running on Sundays. Mayor Ferry requests us to recall to the minds of the youth of the city that there is an ordinance against bathing in the Vermillion river without a bathing suit within one mile of the city limits, and that the fine for disobeying this ordinance can be as high as $100.00. He also wishes to impress upon them that he intends to enforce this ordinance, and gives the boys fair warning. The corner lots west of the Baptist Church are being graded down to street level. This not only gives a better view of the public library building, but improves the appearance of the lots. â�?�?I will be one of twelveâ�?, said a citizen, â�?�?to pledge $50.00 a year for 5 years, to purchase the Michel and Wheeler property east of the Baptist church and transform the whole into a public park. I consider that ravine and the corner east of it capable of being made into the most wonderfully beautiful spot in the state, and at little expenseâ�?. Householders are bothered a great deal by the healthy growth of dandelions in their lawns. The fire department want the rule made public that no one, other than fireman are to be allowed to ride on vehicles that carry the apparatus to fires. Vermillion is now known as the most beautiful city as well as the most cultured city in the state, and to these will soon be added the advantage of being the most healthy, with the advent of Drs. Dickenson, Barkland and Bennett the last two weeks, ten physicians will be ready to care for the sick and heal the wounded. LIBRARY OPENING: The Carnegie Library will be formally opened to the public on Wednesday evening, July 13, 1904 at 8 oâ�?�?clock. A cordial invitation is extended to the people of Vermillion. Passengers to and from the depot or to any other point can now choose between a hack and bus as means of transportation. Liveryman Lindholm has recently added a handsome hack to his line of vehicles. If the city decides to purchase the electric light plant it should also buy the water works system. The two propositions could be run at a profit to the city. And if possible the city water should come from the Missouri River. A large school of black bass was placed in the Vermillion River on Friday. The fish were shipped here by the Agricultural Department at Washington upon the request of Ole Iverson. Suggestion has been made that a law be passed giving permission to seine for German carp so the stream may be rid of them and give other fish a chance to live. Readers boil your drinking water and be careful of the quality of milk consumed. Utmost care must be taken to avoid the spread of typhoid. Hobos passing through Vermillion on the way to harvest fields are making all kinds of trouble for the residents of the bottom and the police officers. Chief Sullivan and Marshal Beckett captured a couple of them and a bottle of booze, the source of a big bunch of trouble, and put them in the city hotel over night. They were given their liberty in the morning on promising to shake at dust of the city from their feet. The Mayor and street and alley committee are fighting on the cost of a new walk down Chandler Hill. It is proposed to lay the boards cross ways and put in iron railings on the sides. A good idea. The City Council had its rejecting clothes on at the last meeting. They decided enough grading had been done for one year, and petitions for grading on Willow Street and West Main street were laid on the table, but they did allow the owners of the property on Willow Street to do their own grading and also gave permission to the residents of West Main to extend their sidewalks without waiting for the streets to be graded. The Finance Committee estimated it would cost $400.00 more to run the city next year than this, as provision was made to build a new sidewalk down Chandler Hill. The expense for running the city government for the next year is estimated at $7,900.00

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